Teria Yabar, a close friend of Ana Obregón: “She needed an extension of her son Aless”

The paternity of the actress’s new daughter, brought into the world thanks to surrogacy, continues to be the biggest unknown in the new plot starring Ana Obregon, which has come to demonstrate, as the saying goes, that reality is stranger than fiction. The possibility that your child Aless Lequio, who died in May 2020 due to cancer, was the sperm donor is on the table, although few dare to say so. Obregon’s friend Yabar would havehas been the last to throw the stone: “She needed her son to continue with us, she needed an extension of Aless and it doesn’t matter what we call him: father, brother… That doesn’t matter.”

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The designer has participated this Friday in the debate on the Deluxewhere he has defended, together with Paloma Garcia Pelayo and the lawyer Teresa Oxen, the decision of the interpreter. Teria did not know anything about the birth of the girl but she has not surprised him either, she even ventured: “I would not be surprised if Ana planned this motherhood with her son Aless before he died.”

For her part, Oxen has defended Ana’s new maternity despite her age, 68 years: “She is great, healthy, agile… She will be a great mother. Talking about age is macho, that of men who have been parents beyond the age of 70, we don’t speak”.