Garach and Zamorano, champions in Mallorca with marks for the World Cup


The third day of the Open Astralpool Mallorca 2023 in Son Hugo left the qualifying marks for the Fukuoka 2023 World Cup for Carlos Garach (CN Churriana), in 800 IM, and África Zamorano (CN Sant Andreu), in 200 backstroke.

Garach pressed hard in search of the minimum and the Spanish record, and took that passport by winning gold ahead of Albert Escrits (CN Sant Andreu) and Carlos Quijada (Real Canoe NC).

In the 800 freestyle, the first three became benchmarks for the Absolute World Championship and also a national podium for Paula Otero (CN Arteixo), gold with 16.16.61, Jimena Pérez (CN Barcelona), silver with 16.20.96 , and María de Valdés -this season she had shoulder surgery- bronze with 16.26.62.

Meanwhile, África Zamorano endorsed the morning’s qualifying mark (2.10.96) in the afternoon to reach 2.09.97 in the final of the 200 backstroke. The men’s final went to Diego Mira (CN Sabadell). In the 100 freestyle, Luis Domínguez (EM El Olivar) took the title, while Ainhoa ​​Campabadal (CN Sant Adreu), second, was the best Spaniard in the women’s final.