The last conflict of the Campos clan broke out over Kiko Hernandez y some alleged inappropriate recordings which, according to the former big brother, had made Gustavothe driver and trusted man of Maria Teresato the whole family.

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The problem became bigger when Kiko assured that Gustavo was part of a chat with him and Belén Rodríguez in which, among other things, memes of carmen borrego to make fun of his physical appearance.

Amid the concern of the Campos sisters for the health of their mother, Have him He has taken a step forward to ask Kiko to have a little mercy on Carmen, since the whole issue of Gustavo is affecting him a lot: “Kiko, I ask you one thing. I want you to speak to my sister with more affection or, at least, as you speak to me. Raising your voice does not make any of us defenders of the truth or of the good. Many times, from the tranquility, one can explain and defend oneself infinitely better”.

Alejandra Rubio’s mother prefers to turn a deaf ear to Gustavo and not tear down the more than 30 years he has been working with the family: “Once again I explained that I was not going to tear down the house of cards that had been built with love in our story with Gustavo because of some badly said and painful phrases or because of some inappropriate recordings. In life you have to know how to balance and, above all, know how to forgive. I pride myself on knowing how to do it, because in that forgiveness also goes my happiness”.

“I know that my sister is not going through a good time. The grief and concern for my mother is joined by the infinite pain for the situation with her son. This makes Carmen’s reactions always on the surface. For Therefore, it is always easier to judge her by the fact that she gets upset without taking into account the reason and the circumstances she is experiencing when, by the way, we all know them”, she concludes in her blog Lectures.