Terelu Campos, from “liar” to “traitor”: María Patiño and Belén Esteban rebel against her for her words on TVE

Terelu Campos’ reaction on TVE to Belén Esteban’s last interviewin which she closed the door to her former partner to the new Save mehas caused the outburst of the collaborators of Not even if we were. The town princess said in the show by Marc Giró that María Teresa Campos’ daughter “is neither there nor expected” in the new space, something that she herself spoke about this Thursday in Mornings: “I know how to speak the same as you, I have lived with you, I have been a good companion… I don’t know if everyone can say the same.” A few hours later, the commentators have exploded, calling her a “liar” and even a “traitor.”

On La 1, the network in which she regularly participates, Carmen Borrego’s sister has declared that she is tired of being blunt. “Belén, maybe you don’t know but some people are waiting for me”, he said looking at the camera. “Maybe she doesn’t know about my conversations,” she added, before putting another issue on the table. “Belén Esteban’s situation is not the same as that of the other collaborators and has never been the same. Isn’t it, Belén? When you don’t play with the same deck…”, a comment that seems to be related to the working and economic conditions of the talk show hosts Not even if we were. “I’m always quiet, but maybe there will come a day when I’m not going to keep quiet about anything at all,” she added from the set, where Lydia Lozano was also present, who was also recently very critical of Terelu because she said she didn’t like him. He had called to inquire about his health problems.

“I’m the one who’s sick, but I’m the one who has to call. It’s the world upside down”, Terelu has protested. “They had complained, especially María Patiño and Belén Esteban, that when we started this project you didn’t pick up the phone,” Lydia put on the table. “Have María and Belén cared to know what my situation is? Come on, man! The shots always go in one direction, mine. I’m very fed up!”Terelu Campos has complained. Lydia Lozano has also asked her about the possible offers that her friend may have received in recent times and that could be incompatible with her hypothetical incorporation into Not even if we were, something she has denied. “No one from any network has told me what I can do or what I can’t do. No one has picked up a phone.”

‘No way that we were’ sentences Terelu Campos

The first to comment on Terelu’s words was Belén. “I understand that Terelu is angry with me for what I said. When Terelu says that she is not called on the phone, it is a lie. She is lying because she has been called here. Let her tell the truth. I was talking about myself, not in my name. from the production company, I close the door because he hasn’t picked up the phone, he hasn’t congratulated us, he’s never come in,… But is she reproaching us for not calling her? When she was in the hospital with pneumonia, I called to offer to go spend the night with her if she needed me, because her sister was on Survivor. She told me no, that she had other friends who were going, but by that I mean that if I have not called her now when she has been hoarse it is because I have not known,” she said a few hours after the statements.

“You are a liar, Lydia Lozano is right. You told us that you had offers from Telecinco, that you still need another Friday because you had closed two. If you are going to speak, speak and tell the truth,” she added, ruining the fact that she was not negotiating other jobs. “I love you, because I have considered myself your friend, but now I am very upset. I didn’t like the tone at all, but don’t say that we haven’t picked up the phone, because it’s not true,” María Patiño concluded before she spoke.

“But there is no problem because here we don’t go in a gang, everyone says what they want. The problem is that you have to differentiate the personal and professional spheres.. Professionally you are looking for a life, and we know that relating to us is a problem for those in the opposite chain. [Telecinco]but there is no chain in the world that prohibits congratulating a friend. There is no Code of Ethics that prohibits you from congratulating colleagues, in the same way that we all did with you when we saw you on TVE and Telecinco”, the journalist pointed out. And she stated: “This program started on May 15 and your hoarseness last Sunday. Don’t be a trilera. Don’t be a trilera! Because also, when you have hoarseness, your fingers work.” Finally, Kiko Matamoros has called her a “traitor”, and has assured that what she has done has seemed “dirty” and “disgusting”. “I feel absolutely betrayed, Terelu . “You didn’t have the nerve to pick up the phone because you knew you had done it wrong.”