Barça sets the prices of the new season tickets for Montjuïc and the new Camp Nou

The prices for the Spotify Camp Nou, in the final stretch of the 24/25 campaign, will range from 110 to 775 euros


FC Barcelona approved this Thursday at the club’s ordinary Board of Directors meeting the season ticket prices and attendance model for the next 2024/25 season, first at the Estadi Olímpic Lluís Companys and then at the new Spotify Camp Nou, which will debut with 60 percent of its final capacity and prices between 110 and 775 euros per seat.

As for the passes to Montjuïc, the prices for the 23/24 season are maintained, applying the corresponding CPI and equivalent to half a season, although an automatic renewal would be carried out in the event of an extension of the calendar.

The agreed prices are: Grandstand (€449); Lateral (€258); North Corners (€232), North Visión Corners 80% (€181), South Corners (€232) and South Visión Corners 80% (€181); Gol Norte (€186), Gol Norte Visión 80% (€132), Gol Sur (€186) and Gol Sur Visión 80% (€132); Lateral PMR (€258) and Gol Sur PMR (€186); and, finally, EDA -animation grade- (€90).

On the return to the Spotify Camp Nou, the entire facility will not be available and only the first and second stands will be provisionally available, with a capacity of around 60 percent and 85 percent of the seats, once Excluding VIP seats and competition requirements, they will be intended for season ticket holders.

“In this line, the club has decided to opt for a variable seating model and an area selection and confirmation of attendance must be carried out match by match, in case the demand exceeds the number of available seats. Therefore, it is not foreseen the Seient Lliure option,” the entity explained.

The prices set for the return passes to Spotify Camp Nou adjust to the new distribution of zones in the Stadium, but maintain the prices of the 2022/23 season with the increase in the accumulated CPI. Also, as in the case of the Lluís Companys Olympic Stadium in the calculation, it adjusts to the planning of playing half a season at the Spotify Camp Nou.

Regarding the Grandstand, the distribution of the areas and the agreed prices are: Grandstand 1 Central (€695); Grandstand 1 (€625); Grandstand 2 Central (€755); Grandstand 2 (€685). For the Lateral they are: Lateral 1 Central (€435); Side 1 (€400); Lateral 2 Central (€463); Side 2 (€435). Regarding Goals, Goal 1 (€260); Goal 2 (€295); EDA -animation space- (€110). And finally the corners, Corner 1 (€333); Corner 2 (€355).

In this provisional return to the Blaugrana fiefdom, all season ticket holders of FC Barcelona will be eligible for a seat, along with the 3,240 non-subscription members who acquired a pass to the Estadi Olímpic Lluís Companys this season.

“The choice of the area will be provisional and will not imply the definitive choice of seat in the future Spotify Camp Nou. Subscriber members who decide to continue with the leave and do not acquire a pass for the provisional return to the new Barça home, will keep intact the rights for the final assignment,” the club detailed.

Of course, the 17,902 members with a pass for Montjuïc will have priority in choosing an area over the rest of the season-ticket holders.

On the other hand, the Board of Directors approved the call for the ordinary session of the Senate for Wednesday, June 12. The Senate of FC Barcelona is a collegiate and honorary body of a consultative nature, made up of the first thousand members of the club, with the function of the Senate is to advise and advise on all issues submitted to it by the president and the Board of Directors.

The president of FC Barcelona, ​​Joan Laporta, opened the meeting of the Board of Directors by extending to the Board of Directors his gratitude to Xavi Hernández, already former coach of the men’s first football team, for facilitating the resolution of his contract as coach and reiterated the thanks for the work done.


FC Barcelona celebrates its 125 years in 2024 and the club announces the ‘Premi Cant 125è aniversari’, a project that aims to find the lyrics of a new piece of music that will become the official song of the club’s 125th anniversary.

“The call for this Award is open to everyone and appeals to the country’s artistic talent to create a historic and unique composition, inspired by what Barça means, its idiosyncrasy, its values, and what has made it an icon for Catalonia and also for the world,” explained the club.

Letters are accepted until June 30. They must be originals, written in Catalan and can be presented anonymously or not. This participatory process will close with the selection of three finalist letters, chosen by a jury, who will be awarded 6,000 euros each. Letters can be sent to the club from this Thursday, May 30, until Sunday, June 30.