Tense meeting between Rodolfo Sancho and Silvia Bronchalo in Thailand: six hours together and not a single word

Five months have passed since the parents of Daniel Sancho They would see each other face to face for the last time. It was in November in the Koh Samui Court, when the judge read the charges to his son and set the trial date. It started this Tuesday, but Silvia Bronchalo She was absent for health reasons: “She was unwell,” said her lawyer. This Wednesday, finally, we were able to see the two of them supporting her son.

They have arrived separately and 20 minutes apart. Inside the room they sat on different benches: Rodolfo, in the second row, behind her son and next to the translator, while Silvia has occupied the last row with the Spanish consul. The session lasted six hours and not a single word was spoken: “I don’t know if they talked during a break or hallway, but I haven’t seen Silvia talk to Rodolfo or her son Daniel.”revealed Beatriz Uriarte, lawyer for Edwin Arrieta’s family.

The businesswoman’s entourage affirms that the situation has worsened compared to last November. It is not surprising: in February, Silvia filed a lawsuit against the father of her son for “insults and humiliation.” He responded indignantly: “You are doing a disservice to abused women.” Furthermore, a few weeks ago Silvia requested a power of attorney to represent her son Daniel, a move that made her ex very angry. People close to Bronchalo have assured in TardeAR that Silvia’s intention was not to “remove Rodolfo” from Daniel’s defense and that she did it “for other reasons.”

It has been a very complicated day for both of us. Upon leaving him, the interpreter Mrs She has had a nervous scuffle with the press (“Leave me alone, I don’t want to have a problem with you”) while she has been more elusive: “No one wins here, we all lose.”