María Zurita’s wonderful sense of humor after her commented new face: “If I ever found out…”

The king’s cousin Philip VI He captured all eyes last Monday during the funeral of Fernando Gómez Acebo, which brought together a large part of the family at the Military Cathedral in Madrid. And it is that Maria Zurita, at 48 years old, has undergone a great image change after retouching her nose. She herself has confessed that she had to undergo surgery for health reasons and she took the opportunity to also improve her aesthetic aspects. Of course, she did not count on the difficult postoperative period or the media interest that she has generated: “If I find out, I don’t know if I’ll have surgery.”

The operation took place three weeks ago, so María still has a swollen nose and some bruises that she covers with makeup. Even though they have not been easy days, she has used a sense of humor to relate what the process has been like: “It has been hard because not breathing is very uncomfortable, although I have not had any pain. I was not breathing well and inside they have done everything to me”, he explained. María, who suffered from a deviated nasal septum, took the opportunity to do a two-in-one: “Then I said, well, I’ll leave it straight.”

Luckily, she has been very well accompanied in this post-operative period. Single mother of an eight-year-old boy, Carlitos, María lives with her parents, Infanta Margarita and Carlos Zurita, and her brother Alfonso. She is sure that her friends, among whom are Susanna Griso or Genoveva Casanova, have also pampered her these days.

Of course, according to experts, María Zurita’s new face is not only due to her rhinoplasty: “We see a prettier, younger María Zurita and it is very normal that in the same aesthetic medical center they recommend some treatments that can improve the result of that surgery,” said Lola Sopeña in The Spanish. “It shows a forehead with much fewer wrinkles and a broad, clear look”, the result of various infiltrations. Calcium hydroxyapatite could also have been used (a tightening product and great collagen inducer with which “a lifting effect is achieved without adding volume”) and a little hylauronic acid to “harmonize and recover volumes.” A treatment that would have cost, according to the expert, around 7,000 euros.