María del Monte, on the verge of crying on her return to the stage: “We all have problems”

Maria del Monte has returned to the stage in the midst of a media tsunami after the judge rejected the provisional release of his nephew, Antonio Tejado. Despite the requests of his defense, the television presenter remains in provisional prison since he was admitted to Seville prison on February 12 for the robbery committed in August at his aunt’s house. The situation has plunged María del Monte into sadness, but little by little she regains her spirit and also her desire to work. This Tuesday, she returned to the stage very excited.

The interpreter of Sing me She had an appointment scheduled to perform at the Cullera Major Festivals this Tuesday, April 9, and she put on her flamenco dress again to give it her all on stage. Excited to meet her audience again, she made reference to the complicated personal moment she is going through: “We all have problems, whoever doesn’t have them should get up and leave”he said on the verge of crying.

Despite being immersed in this harsh judicial process, the artist wore her best smile: “We are going to try to have fun and put a smile on our faces. In life there are things that are not easy, but nothing is impossible”. Although he did not directly pronounce the name of his nephew, he did throw the occasional barb at Rosario Mohedano’s ex: “If we all functioned with a little more love, all this would work differently”, he said to the applause of those present. With a broken voice and feelings on the surface, María addressed her audience: “I am not going to cry because I have decided not to cry.”

The artist’s position is not easy at all. She defends the presumption of innocence but the evidence against Antonio is unquestionable. To the theft of her personal belongings last August, she is now joined by the family schism that has distanced her from her sister and her nephews. María just wants to get her life back on track and has even rejected a juicy offer to talk about everything that happened.