Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce make ends meet better than anyone else: when fortune is measured in pairs

They don’t have 70 years between them but they have life more than resolved. The American football player Travis Kelce, winner of the last Superbowl with his team, the Kansas City Chiefs, made his love for Taylor Swift became a global phenomenon, perhaps the best marketing campaign in history, in the middle of the singer’s world tour, although, as we saw in Madrid, at this time, she does not need more publicity to fill the stadiums.

Six factors analyzed by firms specialized in assessing the power of the most influential couples, place the one formed by the artist and the athlete as the best classified: if we take into account the average monthly search volume on the Internet, the followers that both add in Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Twitter, and mentions in the press, we conclude that Kelce and Swift break all records, with a score of 99.30 out of 100.

Taylor and the Tight end of the Chiefs average 41.6 million monthly searches compared to, for example, Victoria and David Beckham, second on the list. They multiply them by seven. The singer and Swift and Travis have appeared in more than online news articles and have 256% more followers on TikTok than the former Madrid player and the former Spice Girl.

The bronze medal is barely known in Spain: it is the pair formed by the American singer and actress Ciara and the Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Russell Wilson, with a score of 75.58. The most followed male athletes come from American football, while tennis players stand out among women, although they are below models, singers and actresses: the Russian model Irina Shayk y Tom Brady (ex Gisele Bündchen) are in fourth place. The fifth prize goes to the actress Gabrielle Union (Bad Boys) and former NBA player Dwayne Wayde.

Enrique Iglesias is the only Spaniard on the list and of course he appears with his wife, former tennis player Anna Kournikova. The son of Isabel Preysler and Julio Iglesias takes sixth place with a score of 71.14. They are followed by Serena Williams and businessman Alexis Ohanian. Vanessa Hudgens and baseball player Cole Tucker (59.45) close the top ten.

4.6 billion euros

Taylor Swift packed the Bernabéu on May 29 and 30, as in all the concerts of his Eras Tour, the tour that has shattered all records and will bring him millions in profits. Specifically, global estimates suggest that the American will add 4.6 billion euros. The tour, which started on March 17 of last year, will culminate with a total of 152 concerts in 23 countries, and the profits behind all these shows would represent a figure greater than the GDP of 35 countries, according to estimates by the Common Sense Institute. And all for writing songs, because no one has ever gotten so much circulation from their exes: her talent for lyrics and composition and her frenetic pace of production have made her the only musical artist in the world who has managed to become a billionaire exclusively with her job. A total diva.

There’s a reason Swift has been defined economically as “the multinational with red lips” or the “savior of the economy.” Its impact is such that a Taylor Swift Index or ‘Swiftonomics’ has been created as a symbol of the socioeconomic impact of his figure, and the United States Federal Reserve (FED) has come to include it in its Beige book as the savior of a recession in the North American country. If at the beginning of 2023, Swift had already accumulated a fortune of 500 million euros with her music (with a career that began in 2006, and that in 2008 had already made her a millionaire), the entire Eras Tour phenomenon made her a billionaire at the end of the year. Total, In just 22 shows it grossed approximately $300 million.with an average of more than 13 million dollars per concert.

In this sense, of the 3 highest-grossing tours in history, the report indicates that Swift’s gross income per show is more than double the next highest of almost 7 million per night, which corresponds to U2’s ‘360 Tour’. Before setting foot in Madrid, and after 92 concerts, the artist would have already generated 1,196 million (if the trend of 13 million euros per concert is followed). By screening her shows in the US, it is estimated that the two shows (with a total of 130,000 attendees) in the Spanish capital can generate between 140 and 150 million euros in direct consumption before, during and after each of their performances, According to a report from QuestionProin which it can be seen that the average ‘swiftie’ (name given to his follower) for a concert on this tour spends around 1,220 euros when accounting for all expenses such as tickets, travel, merchandise, clothing and food, as collected The Economist.

His assets amount to 1.1 billion dollars

The truth is that before The Eras Tour, the artist could already boast of having a personal fortune of more than 500 million euros, a figure achieved in part thanks to the gross income from tours such as Reputation (315 million euros for 53 concerts, in 2018), 1989 (230 million euros for 85 concerts, in 2015), and thus a long list of exclusive projects from his musical career, since the concerts are added to the sales of his music, merchandising and projects such as the film Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour, which reached revenues of 240 million euros, eventually joining the Disney+ catalog. Who knows where her meteoric rise will take her, but for now, His assets amount to 1,100 million dollars, just over 1,000 million euros, according to Bloomberg News and has confirmed Forbes. Almost nothing.

Taste for the real estate market

However, Swift has proven to be careful with her money. Since she was 19 years old she has invested in a large real estate portfolio of 84 million dollars (77 million euros). He owns eight properties in four different states in the United States.. For example, in Nashville she owns a 3,240-square-meter apartment, valued at about $3 million, and a 5,600-square-meter Greek Revival-style estate, valued at about $2.5 million. In Los Angeles, he owns a 10,982-square-meter Beverly Hills mansion valued at almost $30 million, and on the other side of the coast he owns an estate with ocean views in Watch Hill, Rhode Island, for which he would have paid $17. 75 million dollars. Besides, He has spent 40 million on the properties he has in New York.

Another important expense is allocated to your travel. Swift previously had two private jets, but sold one after criticism over its environmental impact. “Taylor’s jet is regularly loaned to other people. Attributing most or all of these trips to her is blatantly incorrect,” a rep for Taylor Swift said in a statement. It is not known how much she paid for these vehicles, but its Dassault 900 has a list price of 44 million dollarsas indicated Business Jet Traveler. Elon Musk owns a similar model that cost about $26 million.

A long list of donations

The artist He has donated large amounts of money to various causes. Aim People that, upon turning 24, Swift donated $100,000 to the Nashville Symphony and later donated $50,000 to New York public schools. Additionally, she has provided support in natural disasters, donating $1 million to Louisiana flood victims and $500,000 to Nashville flood victims. She also donated $50,000 to a mother of five who lost her husband to Covid-19 days before Christmas. With her mother, Andrea Swift, she donated $13,000 (about 12,000 euros) each to two mothers who were also struggling financially during the pandemic. She was talked about a lot when she wrote two checks worth $1,989 to two fans to pay off a student loan.

She has also been generous with some of her friends. And, as an example, a recent example: last year she offered one of her apartments to the actress. Sophie Turner so that she could stay there during her divorce with Joe Jonas. And a few years ago she provided financial help from him to the singer. Kesha, who became embroiled in a defamation lawsuit after accusing music producer Dr. Luke, her former mentor, of “relentless abuse and rape.” In total, she gave him $250,000 to help with her legal expenses.