Surprise in the transfer market: Lara Álvarez goes to TVE after leaving Mediaset

Surprise signing at RTVE. The public network has hired Lara Álvarez three months after the presenter left Mediaset, which was her home for years and where she became a top presenter (Survivors). The Asturian will host the new contest on La 1 The connectionbased on a Dutch format.

The Connectionbroadcast on the Dutch public channel NPO1, will be adapted in our country by Satisfaction Iberia, the new production company led by Daniel Domenjóthe same manager who previously headed Mediacrest (The hunter y The Floor). The Spanish one will be the first international version of the format.

The connection is a knowledge contest that has the purpose of look for the connection between all the answers that emerged throughout the program. In each installment, five participants who have something in common compete and the game consists of five rounds.

In the first four, they must respond to popular culture questions and curiosities based on videos, photos, montages or unique statements. The final round is iconic, due to its staging, and fast pace, since it is resolved in just three minutes. The entire contest revolves around an unprecedented premise: The answers to all the questions lead to a single answer that is related to all of them: the ‘final connection’.

Lara Álvarez in Mediaset: the success of ‘Survivientes’ and the failure of her latest projects

Lara Álvarez (Gijón, 1986) left Mediaset last February, after ten years as one of the most popular faces of the network. “I have decided to leave Mediaset to embark on a new professional path”then said the presenter, who for years was in charge of hosting Survivors from Honduras, a position from which she resigned in 2023. She was replaced by Laura Madrueño.

In his last year at the network, Álvarez headed several solo projects that did not work out. In summer 2023 he presented I slipwhich puncturedlast Christmas he drove to your ballwhich was another slipand at the beginning of 2024 he was at the head of The best generationcanceled abruptly for their bad data.

During the almost ten years that Lara Álvarez remained at Telecinco and Cuatro she also worked in other spaces, such as Everything is going well, Dani & Flo, Idol Kids, Games without borders, The strong house, Secret Story o GH: Last minute. Previously he passed through La Sexta (Gamers, In the air) and Marca TV, among other channels.