tanga, catamaran and clams a la marinera

They are the protagonists of the day: Alejandra Rubio and Carlo Costanzia will be parents next Christmas after starting a romantic relationship last February. Worthy children of their parents, they have sold the exclusive for a juicy 85,000 euros and have calculated that the ‘bombshell’ will catch them outside of Madrid, far from the journalists who know where to intercept them. They are in the Pitiusas, on a catamaran that they have rented for 12,000 euros per week and that has 110 square meters, four cabins and a solarium.

Their luxurious and ‘discreet’ floating hotel docked this Wednesday in Formentera and the talk show host and the actor were seen here, who despite having announced with great fanfare the news of his upcoming paternity, did not seem too happy. The couple went ashore in a small boat and ate at a well-known restaurant, where they tasted, among other Mediterranean delicacies, some delicious clams a la marinera. Sitting on the terrace facing the sea, they have not taken their eyes off their respective mobile phones and, according to And now Sonsoles, They have not been particularly friendly to the local staff.

We have seen Alejandra, very serious, dressed in an Ibizan look; an off-white crochet set of bell-bottom pants that exposed her thong and her top with fringes that covered her tummy. Carlo, for his part, has tried to go unnoticed with a swimsuit, a simple T-shirt and a black cap. After the meal, they returned to their catamaran with the remains in a tupperware and while Alejandra enjoyed a rest, Carlo took the opportunity to practice water sports.

It is Alejandra and Carlo’s first summer as a couple. They began their relationship last February, after Mar Flores’ son contacted Terelu’s son via Instagram and asked her to have a coffee to explain how the television world works. The chemistry was such that the Italian left his girlfriend and began a new romance with Rubio. In March, this portal revealed for the first time that Alejandra had gone to a pharmacy to buy several pregnancy tests. She denied it. Do the math.