Luis Alfonso de Borbón cracks the joke about his wedding in Las Vegas

Luis Miguel (54) y Paloma Cuevas (51) are married. This was revealed this Wednesday by Luis Alfonso de Borbón to the press. “They already got married, in Las Vegas. We were there, I’ll send you some photos if you want,” he revealed to the astonishment of his wife, Margarita Vargas, who excused her husband by stating that he has “too much sense of humor.” This information, however, comes two months after the singer met with his loved ones in Las Vegas, as shared by his eldest daughter, Michelle Salas. El Sol de México celebrated his birthday there, but perhaps, in the absence of official confirmation, there was more than one ceremony.

Two years ago, when they took another step in their friendship, the artist and the woman from Córdoba have been inseparable. El sol de México, which made its relationship with its main magazine official in April of last year (although the first photographs of both came out in January), was the main support of Victoriano Valencia’s daughter during her separation from Enrique Ponce, and this It united them more than ever. At the moment, Cuevas accompanies the author of The girl in the blue bikini to a good part of the concerts on his tour.

In this way, with them happy and their families delighted, it didn’t take long for rumors to emerge that there was an engagement ring. The father of the ‘bride’, in fact, made it clear that seeing his daughter dressed in white again to say “I do” to one of the most important artists in the history of music was not going to be, precisely, a displeasure for them: “Man, I’m going to tell you something, he is a gentleman, a great person and you don’t dislike that. They are both handsome, charming, People like them very much…”

It should be said that Paloma’s influence on Luis Miguel’s life is notable. The singer’s entourage affirms that since she came into his life, The artist takes much better care of himself, has reconciled with his daughter and has even regained his hope.. In fact, it was Rosa Clará’s own designer who encouraged him to return to the stage after years away, a return with which he is breaking records for concerts and tickets.

Luis Miguel will bring his tour to Spain, where he has filled the Santiago Bernabeu stadium for the next July 6 and 7. In addition, he will spend a good part of the month of August in Marbella thanks to Paloma, who managed three of the artist’s concerts at the Starlite Festival these months.