“I won’t be the one to criticize someone making an exclusive”

With the bombshell news of her surprise pregnancy Alejandra Rubio On everyone’s lips – and on February 12 Informalia had already told how Terelu’s daughter was caught buying three pregnancy tests at a pharmacy in Pozuelo – the child’s future great-aunt, Carmen Borregohad the courage to go this Wednesday to the Plaza de Las Ventas, where the Beef Awards were presented, and answer questions from the press about the baby that his niece and her boyfriend, Carlo Costanzia, they will probably have in common by December. “I’m not going to give any press conference!” Borrego announced in response to the massive interest of the press that flocked to her at the event. “It’s good news, it’s no drama”she pointed out before saying: “And, hey, I have already said that I was a mother at 23, I was a young and delighted mother, and she has always wanted to be a mother.”

Regarding whether she was surprised by the news, Carmen confessed: “I was surprised by my son’s when he was married and was going to be a dad! Of course,” she commented before weathering an avalanche of questions that she answered with all the calm she was capable of. take out. “In the report it seems to me that they are both spectacularly handsome”she said proudly before having to defend her niece from criticism for having made an exclusive when she said she would never sell her life: “Oh, we say so many things throughout our lives that we later change, that’s one more. “I believe that everyone has the ability to change their mind, that moments in life are different and that I will not be the one to criticize that no one makes an exclusive.”, he said in direct reference to his son and daughter-in-law. And she continued: “They are young, they are in love and a child is born from love. It is the most important thing. “You say one thing at the time, then you change your mind, the circumstances of life change and I think it doesn’t matter much.”

He said of his niece that she is obviously “nervous,” but that he believes that “It’s going to be a madrassah.” And regarding the advice he has given him, he said: “I told him: ‘Don’t worry about anything, I’ll raise him.’ I can’t tell him more.” It seems that what the aunt is not going to get involved in is the name they will give the baby, or whether it will be called Teresa if it is a girl: “That is something that the parents should decide. My son is called José María because of his grandfather and I was delighted to do it.

Regarding the father, Carlo, Borrego did not want to get wet: “I don’t know him. He seems like a great guy to me. And whenever a child is born as a result of love, and they are super in love, it is very important. What seems bad to me is that you have children to fix a couple, but when a child is born from love it is always a reason for celebration.” She also did not want to get into gardens when they asked Carmen about the approach they will now have to take. Terel y Sea Flowers upon the baby’s arrival: “That’s not up to me. But what “You can’t talk about a bad relationship when that relationship doesn’t exist.”

What he did highlight is that María Teresa, if she had lived, “would be delighted” with the news: “She had already told her grandchildren that she wanted to be a great-grandmother, including Alejandra, and she would be very happy right now and it hurts me.” that he cannot experience his granddaughter’s happy moment.

As for whether wedding bells are ringing in the Campos clan, he commented: “I have no idea. I know that Alejandra has always said that she wanted to get married, but the decision is theirs. If they get married, great; and if not, also”commented before the cameras and microphones before making a complaint: “Women have a message that I don’t like about ‘life has been ruined’, but women are mothers and we work, we don’t have any problems for being mothers.”

Carmen did not ignore other topics such as the joke in which she participated when it was her own daughter-in-law who was pregnant: “The hook was me and she was hysterical thinking that she had to tell her mother that she was pregnant. Also a few years ago …everything is very different. I believe that mothers do not have the power over what our children do, our children are free and she is a young woman, independent, in love, a woman who is moving forward with her pregnancy and her aunt, who is me, celebrates it.” .