The countdown to July 8, the day of the wedding between the Marquise de Griñón and Inigo Onieva, it’s already underway, and the bride is not happy. Apparently, stress and upsets have caused Tamara Falco gain weight in recent weeks to the point of spreading the rumor of a possible pregnancy. Isabel Preysler’s daughter is not happy with this change of dimensions, especially facing the most important day of her life, and she is willing to tackle the problem radically.

Over the next few weeks, Tamara will undergo a strict eating plan combined with exercise to achieve a difficult goal: lose 8 or 10 kilos. According to Save meFalcó will resort to a center specialized in slimming and detox plans and will be supervised at all times by specialists who will ensure their health and well-being, although others already throw their hands up: “That is not healthy, it is an unhealthy body. a machine,” said a nutritionist on set.

It was Alessandro Lequio who gave the clue a few days ago when commenting on the possible cause of the confrontation between Sophie and there you go and Tamara: “They tell me that part of the problem with the Basque designers was because Tamara did not feel comfortable with the dress due to the increase in size she has experienced in recent months, and she wanted to hide it.” To do this, those responsible would have proposed adding some volumes to the dress (as the marquise herself revealed) that her client did not like at all.

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The Italian count then added: “If we review the photo from this weekend, we see how Tamara’s perimeter is twice that of her mother. This has an impact on the choice of wedding dress, since she is very upset with their forms”. In that same intervention, Bibiana Fernández recalled that Tamara had increased significantly in weight a few years ago due to a thyroid problem.

Iñigo Onieva himself, asked about Tamara’s supposed pregnancy a few weeks ago, replied: “In the end he’s going to get angry, you don’t stop asking.” Indeed, the marchioness was angry. Even more so when her fiancée uploaded some images to Instagram of her stay in Bali without filters, the same ones that she shared retouched, being evident by having reduced the contour of her waist and hips.