Tamara Falcó talks about the ‘Preysler discipline’ and reveals Villameona’s rules: “You can get into a good fight”

The gathering of The Anthill He gave us new family anecdotes this Thursday. This time, Tamara Falco has revealed that ‘Spanglish’ is spoken in Villameona and that there are a series of rules imposed by Isabel Preysler that no one can skip. For example, at mealtime: “You can’t answer the phone at the table.”

She is not the only one: “You should always wait until everyone is served to start eating and the guests are the first to serve. Also, you can’t put too much food on your plate, because it is very vulgar. You can repeat, yes,” he said. He also revealed that they should always have their hands on the table and the napkin in their lap: “If my mother catches you wiping yourself with the tablecloth, you could get a good fight.” Finally, he has provided an important piece of information: “You eat ham with your fingers, picking it up with a fork is corny.”

Tamara has recognized another impeccable rule: “Whenever someone older passes into a room, you must stand up and greet them as a sign of respect.” “What if it’s your mother who comes in?” they ask him. “Of course, you get up and greet her. If she comes in three times, then the first time is fine.”

The marchioness recognizes that her mother has imposed a discipline on her children that she does not now apply to her grandchildren: “I don’t know what happens to grandmothers who forget everything. The other day Miguel was sitting painting with a permanent marker on one of his favorite chairs and I told him ‘Mommy, he’s painting you on one of the chairs.’ And he says ‘Yeah, but she’s giving her brother a gift,’ he says, laughing. ‘She’s unrecognizable.’