Kiko Hernández defeats Julia Janeiro in court: “Another wedding gift”

Kiko Hernandezwho married this Saturday, September 16, with the actor Fran Antón in Melilla, has shared her “another wedding gift” on social networks. The former collaborator of Save me has revealed that he has defeated Julia Janeiro in the courts, with a message included Jesulín de Ubrique y María José Campanario.

“Another wedding gift… Campanario, Jesulín, the Justice of Spain does not follow in the footsteps of Arcos de la Frontera, nor do they go to barbecues, etc., etc.,” he wrote in the early hours of this Thursday in stories of Instagram.

It must be remembered that the daughter of the right-hander and the dentist filed a lawsuit against him for interference with honor: “Annulment of the Juls Janeiro ruling where he would have to compensate her with 30,000 euros. Let’s go for more,” Kiko added.

Hernández filed an appeal after losing a first battle against Juls. Now, Julia Janeiro has a period of 20 days to file a written appeal before the First Chamber of the Supreme Court if she so considers.

Julia Janeiro’s war with Mediaset and her then star collaborator began in April 2021, when the young woman came of age. Then, her face was blurred in the media. She became one of the most recurring characters in the pink chronicle. She, for the moment, skips television. A few days ago, without going any further, she denied her possible signing for Big Brother VIP 8: “I am not going to go to any reality show. Absolutely all the information that is leaking about my supposed participation in certain television programs is totally false. I have said it on several occasions and I emphasize it again, I do not plan to be part of the trash TV show, thank you”.