Tamara Falcó, last-minute substitute for Isabel Preysler at Julio José’s failed birthday party

Julio Jose Iglesias was this Thursday of celebration. It was last February 25 when the son of Julio Iglesias He turned 50, but he has waited to celebrate it in Madrid in style until last night. The Abascal restaurant gave him the party and dinner in exchange for the great publicity opportunity. However, the event has not had the expected success in the absence of the queen of hearts and mother of the honoree, Isabella Preyslerand the presence only at the end of the night of the substitute queen, her sister Tamara Falcowho has saved the expectations of repercussion of the event at the last minute, but has also gone alone, without her fiancé Inigo Onieva.

The latest events in the life of the Preysler-Falcó clan are a guarantee of success in the presence of any of the family members. But there is no doubt that the queens of the spotlight are Isabel Preysler and her fourth daughter, the media Tamara Falcó.

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However, the queen of hearts has become even more hermetic regarding her private life, since she broke off her relationship with the Nobel Prize winner. Mario Vargas Llosa and has starred in a crossover of accusations with the writer and his family about who was worse with the other in the courtship with cohabitation that has lasted nine years. That secrecy and a certain drop in her popularity decided Isabel when it came to not going to her son’s birthday, and failing her miserably.

His decision was very surprising, taking into account the great bond that unites them, and knowing how he knows the business of fame. Julio José wanted to gather all his loved ones in a big party, and the star that guides the family did not appear. Fiasco for his son, for the restaurant and for the media that were waiting before the highly prepared photo call to Isabel with longing.

Tamara arrived late and without Onieva

However, it has been his sister, the Marquise de Griñón, who has come to the rescue of interest from his half-brother’s party. Íñigo Onieva’s fiancée, and without him, appeared at the party at 11:30 p.m., when he had finished his work live on Antena 3. Perhaps the absence of the future brother-in-law has to do with the latest statements by Julio José on the man chosen by his sister to marry: “She has to like him.” It should be remembered that when Íñigo was unfaithful to the marquise in front of all of Spain, his brother said clearly: “My sister deserves another type of man, who is up to her in terms of feelings and kindness. It is better that this has happened before the wedding”.

And it is that Tamara could not come before because, like every week, she had to make an appearance on the set of the anthill to participate in La Tertulia together with Paul Motorcycles, Cristina Pardo, Juan del Val y Nuria Rocaeven if he only does it to provide as content some other trifling detail about his wedding, and little else, while those closest to him are celebrating.

Tamara arrived at the party and delighted the birthday boy’s friends and family and colleagues from the media, who breathed a sigh of relief. The appearance of her as a substitute for her mother in the role of guest star has saved an event that promised much more from a certain informative indifference.