Rafa Nadal and Cristiano Ronaldo grow as partners and businessmen: they open another Tatel in Valencia this summer

our tennis star Rafael Nadal and the world-renowned Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo will open a restaurant in the center of Valencia, the capital of the Spanish Levante. The inauguration of a new Tatel, the gastronomic brand of the Mabel Hospitality Group, which offers traditional Spanish and Mediterranean gastronomy but in a contemporary and innovative way, will open this summer.

The restaurant will be located in the center of the city of Turia, at 19 Pascual i Genís street, and will be the latest in a long list of venues spread across places as varied as Ibiza, Beverly Hills, Doha, Mexico City, Riyadh, Bahrain, Abu Dhabi and Madrid, where the star ship of the gastronomic business is located.

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The one in Madrid is included in the list of the “25 restaurants in the world that are worth traveling to” recognized by the prestigious newspaper USA Today, Kayak and Opentable, according to the business group on its website, and has also received awards as Cover Manager Dinners Choice and the TripAdvisor Traveler’s Choice 2021 in its two national headquarters, “which means that it is part of the 10% of the best valued restaurants in the world,” says the company.

The opening is part of the expansion plan of the restaurateur group, but maintaining “the common denominator of offering a culinary experience and exceptional service, in unique locations, accompanied by live music. All this with the aim of continuing to consolidate Tatel as a benchmark and pioneer in the fusion of haute cuisine and leisure at a national and international level”, according to the company.

According to recounts Levante-El mercantile Valencia, the new restaurant already has a team that is being trained by the group’s professionals in Madrid, so that the know-how of the flagship is transmitted to the new managers of any area of ​​the premises, from the kitchen to the suppliers, the reception, the waiters or the bar. The restaurant will have a space of 600 square meters, and its location is emblematic in the city, because it occupies the old building of the Valencia Stock Exchange.

The design is carried out by the interior design studio Mabel Desing and it will not surprise with respect to the decoration and style of its older brothers in other cities, because all the Tatel are inspired by the time of the film. The Untouchables by Elliot Nessthat is to say, the mysterious clandestine premises of the American 20s during the dry law.

Rafel Nadal and Cristiano Ronaldo are accompanied on the business adventure started in 2014 by the partners Abel Matutes Pratsson of Abel Matutes, Spanish politician, businessman and banker, mayor of Ibiza during the Franco dictatorship and Minister of Foreign Affairs of the first cabinet of Jose Maria Aznary Manuel Campos Guallarbusinessman from the Balearic Islands and boyfriend since 2021 of the Indian film actress Esha Gupta.

The four partners open this new Valencian Tatel within the Hospitality subsidiary of their investment company Mabel Capital, which has offices in Madrid, Ibiza, Beverly Hills and Doha. From the company they affirm that “Tatel represents the quintessence of the welcoming and playful spirit that characterizes Spanish restaurants, with a careful gastronomic offer based on traditional products and recipes, combined with touches of sophistication and innovation”, explains the company.

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As clarified from Hospitality, Tatel is “a gastronomic concept accompanied by live music daily and an exclusive bar that offers everything from the most traditional cocktails to innovative own creations. Tatel is a unique and different experience.” Due to the awards and the success obtained, it seems that they succeed.