Bertín Osborne lands on Tik Tok after messing it up with the controversial Father’s Day video: “I’m already here”

Social networks do not resist him. After the stir he created with his controversial video on Father’s Day, the most famous ranchera singer in our country has landed on Tik Tok. Bertin Osborneat 68 years old, is prepared for everything that comes.

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On the morning of this Friday, he announced: “I’m already on Tik Tok.” The presenter of Canal Sur has accompanied the post with his version of And they got ten by Joaquin Sabina. Surely they also give him eleven, twelve and one, two and three … until he gets the hang of this new social network.

From now on, the artist will also surely surprise us in Tik Tok. He may even show off his muscles, because after his separation from Fabiola Martinezwith whom he has exchanged a tense exchange of statements in recent weeks, has returned to full form.

The singer is giving something to talk about, for better and for worse. On Instagram, last Wednesday, he lost his temper against a Jerez teacher who, according to him, asked his students not to celebrate Father’s Day, but the Day of the Special Person: “I’m climbing the walls (. ..) What asylum has she escaped from? Because they will not have released her…”, he snapped.

Despite Bertín’s laments, it must be remembered that in the classrooms there are children with a father and a mother, but also with deceased fathers or with two mothers, among other family models that go beyond the ‘traditional’ family. Reason why some educational centers decide to reinvent Father’s or Mother’s Day, so that the little ones do not feel discriminated against or displaced. After the artist’s words, a great debate has been formed on social networks and also on television sets, with opinions in favor of him and also against him.