Tamara Falcó confesses like never before: “I’m afraid that my marriage with Íñigo will fail”

Getting to the altar was not an easy task for the Marchioness of Griñón. Her commitment to Inigo Onieva It broke when that famous video of the businessman kissing another woman at a festival in Nevada emerged on the networks. Shortly after, they resumed their love story with the thousand inconveniences and setbacks that arose in the months and weeks before the wedding. Tamara Falcó has opened up about all this in an interview for I Donatewhere she also talks about her projects, her desires for motherhood and her deepest fears: “I’m afraid that my marriage will fail.”

Isabel Preysler’s daughter has opened up for an interview that will be released this weekend and of which TardeAR showed a preview this Thursday: “In the end, because of A or B, my life is never normal”says the marchioness. “There are times when I doubt that even I know myself. Getting married has been a very good decision. “I know that now I am very happy in my life and in marriage.”, has said. A few words that reveal the good time that the marchioness has with the man from Madrid after his comings and goings. Precisely, about her notorious crisis and her forgiveness that she granted to her husband with that second chance, she also told: “For me, lying horrifies me. I believe that we must try to forgive everything”. And he adds: “The good thing about forgiving is that you also leave a burden. Forgiveness is a gift, I couldn’t have forgiven it on my own. There was so much damage there that it is true that all those wounds take a long time to heal.”.

Her desire to be a mother

Another issue she opened up about was her desire to be a mother. Something that she is well known about, since her little sister Ana Boyer gave birth to her third child, the result of her relationship with Fernando Verdasco: “We are looking forward to being parents. I am following the fertility program but it may not be possible”he confessed, admitting that perhaps it is a dream that remains to be fulfilled. “I accept it with great peace”, he added. Not so other future possibilities: “I have many fears, like that my marriage will not work or the day my mother will be gone, because at the end of the day she has always been a huge support for me”.

Now, Tamara is in one of her best moments with her recent signing to occupy the chair that Edurne left empty in Got Talent. For his part, Íñigo is also going through one of the sweetest stages with the inauguration of his new restaurant, the business that he opened with ‘El Turronero’ and Iván Espinosa de los Monteros.