Felipe González and his unmissable somanta of sticks against Pedro Sánchez: from Begoña’s troubles to the letter of reflection

You can speak louder but not clearer. The one who was president of the Government for the PSOE from 1982 and 1996 attended this Thursday The Anthill to review current politics and has left no stone unturned. He believes that José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero left a “terrifying legacy” and that Pedro Sanchez He is not the leader that Spain needs or deserves. “There is a lack of good leaders, we have a better society than politicians. I did not govern only for those who had voted for me, I governed for everyone. There is no country project and I feel like an orphan.”

Felipe Gonzalez has been very harsh with the current president and his team: “If one does not believe that he can be a majority, why will the majority trust him? But of course, not with these partners. The government talks about a progressive coalition and Puigdemont It is not, it is a tremendous lack of solidarity. Spain cannot be governed by excluding half of the Spaniards,” he commented. “People are fed up, bored with politicians because they don’t understand them. It must be old to understand politicians when they speak, because now they don’t talk about people’s real problems. They only say you are the mud, I am the Vaseline and there is no way out.”

The politician has criticized the lack of decency and freedom in the current panorama: “Decency and politics go hand in hand. At what point in my political life have I gotten involved with the family member or friend of an opponent? Or at what point have I called the director of a media outlet to tell him something? From the Tribune of Parliament they point out one journalist, another, another, and put up censorship vines… but where are we going to get to? They talk about responsibility, but we also have to be responsible when governing.”

Begoña and the Letter to Citizenship

The Sevillian has spoken loudly and about the famous letter to the citizens in which Pedro Sánchez announced his retirement to reflect after the accusations against his wife for alleged fraud: “I put up with the ‘Go away, Mr. González’ for three years. I wouldn’t have told anyone that they would think of me. There are many people who believed it… Not me, not me…“, he said mockingly. “I was going to the elections to win and it never occurred to me to ask for support. We are already old enough to have our clothes put on us. “And he continues:” The visit to the king was strange, strange, strange… Man, what you think is that he is going to say goodbye. The only one who didn’t think so was me, well, and others too, who knew that he was going to tell her that he was staying. And?” Regarding the cause that led to this reflection by the president, González concluded: “It is Pedro Sánchez’s responsibility to give explanations about what he does and it is the responsibility of political leaders not to get into family problems”.

And one more little joke: “We have removed the Argentine ambassador because Milei called Pedro Sánchez’s wife corrupt. And do we leave all the Spaniards in Argentina at the whim of Milei? What he did was not good and is reprehensible, but they should having responded to him like my friend, Pope Francis, did, whom he called a demon or I don’t know what. Can we allow ourselves to break with Argentina? Yes, of course, we’ll see the consequences.”