Bárbara Rey throws her son to the ground and declares war on Ana Herminia: “I hope they last, because they are going to have a bad time”

While evil tongues are shuffling dozens of hypotheses and conjectures about the disciplinary expulsion of Angel Christfocusing on the possible strategy that Sofía Cristo’s brother and Ana Herminia they would have agreed to plan the exit of the contestant, Barbara Rey He has also spoken out about what happened to his son. This Wednesday, the former star’s speech was filled with words of affection towards Ángel with a request to the Mediaset commentators: “He is my son and I love him, do not attack him”. A day later, the words of the circus tamer’s former wife have completely changed to destroy her son and declare war on her wife, Ana Herminia.

Although the former star has ruled out the option that the contestant and the Venezuelan woman had a strategy in their hands to plan their departure from the Cayos Cochinos, she has once again sentenced her son’s partner. Furthermore, she has announced that her lawsuit against Ana Herminia is continuing: “When he returns, he will receive it. That is still going on”revealed this Thursday in TardeAR. The one from Totana has charged against her own son for his excessive reaction with Aurah Ruiz, which led him to cause the most tense episode of this latest edition of Survivors: “After everything I have seen and experienced, nothing about Ángel surprises me. Nothing, nothing, nothing”said Bárbara.

“You can’t defend what he has done, I don’t think he had it prepared”, has given his opinion, referring to Ángel’s escape that led to the intervention of the Honduran Armed Forces. However, he has been interested in knowing if his son has landed in Spain: “Has he come yet? Not because I’m going to talk to him or see him, I’m saying this to know.”. She would also have liked Sofía Cristo’s brother to have won the final briefcase of the contest: “I would have liked him to win because, in addition, he needs the money”.

His war with Ana Herminia

Regarding Ángel’s relationship with Ana Herminia, he once again expressed his opinion: “I hope it goes well for him because otherwise he is going to have a very bad time.” He already did it when the couple got married in Honduras through the Garifuna rite: “I hope it lasts”, said. The former vedette has crossed her daughter-in-law, about whom she does not want to know anything: “I don’t care what she does, I’ll ignore her. I’m not interested in anything about her. With the lawsuit against my son and his partner I’m going until the end”.

Lawsuit that he announced after the battery of darts that his son dedicated to him in Friday!and that he decided to continue after Ángel’s harsh words about his sister Sofía, when he refused to open the doors of his house to her: “Bárbara can’t take it anymore, she said ‘that’s it’ and this is the straw that broke the camel’s back”, they uncovered. The former star’s patience has run out, she is no longer backing down and is going to continue with the pertinent legal measures.