The Marquise de Griñón, who has just turned 41, has shown her face for Paul Motorcycles this Thursday. The reason? The presenter has been included in the latest campaign against sexist violence of the Ministry of Equality that he leads Irene Montero y Tamara Falco He has not cut a hair when giving his opinion: “It is outrageous”.

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Isabel Preysler’s daughter has defended her boss: “For a program that you have to have so much fun, that is so plural… they are going to get you to do this shitty campaign and spend a million euros on it. It is outrageous”.

The ministry’s new campaign uses an actor to portray Pablo Motos asking a woman if she sleeps in comfortable or sexy underwear. The real moment was experienced in 2016 with Elsa Pataky as a guest, who at that time was presenting an advertising campaign with a well-known lingerie firm: “If he comes to promote that, what are you going to ask him, for Freud?” Tamara said .

The rest of his classmates the anthill They have also stood up for Pablo Motos: “I am scandalized that this is approved from the Ministry of Equality”, he said Nuria Roca. “I have been a scriptwriter for five years and the extreme care that is taken to never offend any guest is total. There are very good jokes that remain in the pipeline so as not to bother anyone,” he added Juan del Val.