Strong messages for Laura Valenzuela: from Javier Gutiérrez and Luis Tosar to Nathalie Poza

One of the most beloved people of our country, the great Laura Valenzuela, is going through a delicate moment of health. The charismatic actress and presenter, who turned 92 on February 18, has been admitted to the Hospital de La Princesa in Madrid for a few days. As she recognized Lara Dibildos this Wednesday, his mother “is very sick”.

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However, the artist sent a reassuring message clarifying that her mother is not in the ICU but on the ward, which suggests that her condition would not be extremely serious.

A pioneer in the world of television in our country and with an applauded professional career behind her, both on the small screen and in the cinema, Valenzuela’s health has become one of the most talked about topics in the sixth day of the Malaga Film Festival. In this sense, there have been numerous actors and actresses who have sent a message of strength and encouragement to both the emblematic artist and her daughter.

Javier Gutierrez has praised the figure of the actress, assuring that “the world of television cannot be understood without colleagues like Laura Valenzuela or Concha Velasco, great actresses who have disappeared from the scene over time”: “All my encouragement and support Laura and her entire family,” he said.

Nathalie Posewho maintains a great relationship with Lara, has been so dedicated to the presentation of her latest works at the Malaga festival that she had no idea of ​​the delicate state of health of the veteran actress and, when she found out, she was “shocked “: “I have no idea. What happened to her? I know absolutely nothing about this matter, I wish her the best and that she recovers soon. You just left me in shock. All my love to her and her family.”

Luis TosarFor his part, he has defined Laura as “a symbol of our cinema, of our theater, a great classic and obviously a reference for many of us”: “I wish her the best and I hope she gets well as soon as possible”.

In Madrid, during the Hannibal Laguna fashion show at the Palacio de Santoña, the actress Fabiola Toledoa friend of Lara, has released another message of encouragement: “I can only say to Lara, who is a very sweet girl and a very good person, that I wish her the best, that everything will be fine, that she is also a woman very strong, very sure of herself, just give her a very, very strong kiss and hope that her mother gets better, that of course she will get better”.