Rafael Amargo, arrested in Alicante after a performance and accused of drug trafficking

The Granada dancer Raphael Bitter He has been arrested this Thursday night in Alicante, after leaving a performance, for an alleged crime of drug trafficking from his home in Madrid, according to police sources. After his arrest, Amargo has been transferred to the Alicante police station.

The new investigation has been carried out by the agents of the Narcotics group of the Madrid Centro district police station at the request of the investigating court number 27. Last August the agents received a complaint from several residents of Amargo who assured that the artist He sold substances from his house on Espíritu Santo street in the Malasaña neighborhood of Madrid.

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For several weeks the police checked the movement of people who went to the apartment of the bailaor identified as Jesus Rafael Garcia Hernandez. They were also able to tap the artist’s phone, where they verified how he agreed to deliver substances such as popper, cocaine and methamphetamine in exchange for various amounts of money with the people with whom he previously arranged appointments by phone.

In the investigations, the agents have investigated other people who collaborated with Amargo and his girlfriend, the Argentine Luciana Bongianino, who works as a production assistant in the dancer’s shows. Last February, Bitter moved to Alicante and announced that he was beginning a new professional stage there, explaining that he was “with a mental health project at the University.”

Due to his arrest in 2020, the bailaor will sit next June in the dock for the alleged commission of a crime against public health for the alleged sale of narcotic substances to third parties in a “persistent” manner at his own home “in exchange for money.

The oral hearing will be held on June 7, 8, 9 and 12 at the Provincial Court of Madrid, legal sources have reported. The artist faces a tax request of 9 years in jail

Amargo was arrested for the first time on December 1, 2020 along with his girlfriend and two other people in the framework of the ‘Operation Codax’, whose name means raven in Latin and is nicknamed that way because of an image of Bitter on his Instagram in which he appears with the wings of this species of bird.

Before his first arrest, Amargo was followed by several agents before the alleged illegal activity of the singer. He allegedly operated in his house, a ground floor on Espiritu Santo street in Madrid and in other tourist apartments in the capital to which he moved when he realized that the Police were watching him. He is accused of selling toxic substances, narcotics and psychotropic substances that also cause serious damage to health.

His eventful sentimental life

With Luciana Bongianino he not only shared his life on a sentimental level but also on a professional level. Luciana was production director of barrenthe work that Amargo was going to premiere together with blanca romero y Sarah Vega . They had also worked together on previous projects.

On Instagram, Bongianino has more than 6,000 followers and defines herself as an actress. In her profile, he shares little glimpses of her private life, like this image below in which she appears with him.

During the confinement they were not together, at least formally. In fact, those months ‘secluded’ at home were spent with another man.

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“I have been well tied up in short, triki-triki, traka-traka. It was said: ‘Everyone locked up, I catch them how I catch them’. And just at that moment a friend came out the door of the house and I told him: ‘ You stay here’. I knew it wasn’t going to be three hours, that this was going to be five months. He said he wanted to leave and I told him I was going to call the police, that it couldn’t be done,” confessed the man himself. artist. It should be remembered that the dancer is bisexual, as he himself has confessed in several interviews.

Rafael Amargo has led a very intense love life. The first time he married was in 2003 with the dancer Yolanda Jimenezmother of his two children Leo (15) y Dante (12). They divorced in 2009, although they continued to maintain a friendly relationship. The second time she said “yes, I want” was in 2012. She gave it to the Catalan public relations Sonia Calvet, from which he divorced just a year later. That same year, he resumed his relationship with the mother of his children and the two participated in the reality show Cuatro, impossible expedition.

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In addition, during his time living in Japan, he also strengthened some love affairs, to the point that he got married twice: “When I got married here, I had already been married twice in Japan, huh? But that doesn’t count here, it’s the laws of Japan. Like Mario Vaquerizo’s wedding in Las Vegas. It only counts for the heart,” he laughed. Meanwhile, she loves back and forth with other women and men, like the model known as Klein and the French designer Stephane Rolland.