Statement from Laura Escanes about the breakup with Álvaro de Luna: “Love and everything good is what I keep for myself”

Laura Scanes has shared a statement through his Instagram profile on the occasion of his breakup with Alvaro de Luna. The influencer, 27, and the singer, 29, had been together for a year.

The businesswoman has broken her silence after several days facing rumors about her relationship. She did it this Tuesday, one day after her debut as a presenter on TV3. The young woman celebrated this new project on her networks, but she also let it slip that things were not going well for her personally.

“In an episode of the podcast that you will see soon, the guest told me that it is very easy to talk and tell things when things are going well and when you are in the best moment. But, what about when not? In those moments it is infinitely difficult,” he said. advanced.

The Catalan has explained that for this reason she does not feel prepared to talk about certain topics. “Will I learn? I don’t know. Keeping a cool head in moments of maximum happiness thinking about what might happen is not something I’m very good at,” she has been honest.

“And then these things happen. And then what? It’s true that when things go well you don’t think they’re going to go bad either. I can’t add more right now either. Just thank you for the respect. Yesterday was a very important day and I didn’t I wanted it to be stained for nothing in the world,” he noted.

Escanes has stressed that the months of relationship with De Luna have made him very happy. “It has been a precious part of my life and no one can stain that. Love and everything good is what I keep for myself,” he concluded.

Little hints

On October 16, the model wrote a message on Twitter that sparked the suspicions of her followers. “That we love each other, we already know that,” she shared, some words to which was added last Thursday’s message: “I will always be there for you.”

In August, the singer and the content creator decided to take some time, as the magazine announced. ¡Hola! But, just a month later, the flame of love revived their relationship, as was proven at the Zevra Festival in Cullera last July. The artist took the model on stage while he dedicated the song he wrote for her to her: Everything with you.

Last Sunday, the author of Eternal oath of salt He stopped following the young woman on Instagram. And, interestingly, so did her mother. For her part, Escanes still follows the singer on the social network.