The significant gesture of Princess Leonor with Queen Letizia that fills social networks with questions

The swearing in of the Constitution this Tuesday left images to remember. Among them, the temperance, naturalness and closeness that Eleanor of Bourbon has shown during the event. She has been appreciated, for example, in a commented gesture that she had with her mother during the ceremony, and that has attracted attention on social networks, where the serious expression of her face has been commented on. Mrs. Letizia.

Although the most anticipated thing would have been to see how the Kings wrapped up their daughter, now of age, the affection has been seen on all sides. The young woman has shown strength and security before the Cortes, even being the shield of her mother, whose apparent low state of mind has been commented on.

In fact, a video has gone viral in which you can see how the Princess of Asturias approaches her mother, whom she gently hugs with complicity. In the images, the young woman runs her arm around the monarch’s back and caresses her gently.

With a slight smile, Letizia appreciates this gesture while listening to the words her daughter expresses, and that only they know. At that moment, the young woman looks in front of her, while the Queen looks to the sides of her, with apparent nervousness, but with the certainty that her firstborn is walking next to her.

There are those who believe that the seriousness of the Queen in Congress could be due to the wardrobe match with the president of Congress, Francina Armengolwho also wore electric blue.

“That the president of Congress wears blue, like the Queen… I don’t know if that was the reason why the queen had such a long and serious face throughout the swearing-in,” he expressed. Susanna Griso on Antenna 3.

But that’s not all, since, apparently, he would have wished that his parents, Paloma Rocasolano y Jesus Ortiz, would have been present at the Congress. The absence of gift Juan Carlos Iwho was not invited, has marked the absence of the rest of the grandparents, also including Mrs. Sofia.