The figure of Srdjan Djokovic is vital in Novak Djokovic's career towards the Serbian career towards number one. However, on numerous occasions Srdjan has meddled in Nole's affairs quite a bit or made some statements that have tainted the image of his son on the circuit.

Srdjan himself has already confessed in an interview his almost full dedication for Novak Djokovic to triumph on the circuit. “For ten years I have been Novak's mother, father, coach, physio … Everything! Unfortunately for the entire Marko and Djordje family they have not received the 1% enthusiasm I showed for Nole. I gave him all my energy. “

However, this Sunday the French newspaper L'Équipe published a report under the title “Srdjan Djokovic, an annoying father” in which he collected how the father of the tennis player was involved in his son's career more than was due on several occasions.

One of the critical voices with Srdjan Djokovic was that of its first coach, the ill-fated Jelena Gencic (who also directed Ana Ivanovic in the beginning). In a 2010 interview, Gencic already noted Srdjan's strong meddling in his son's life and career. “I don't like everything in his evolution. I think his father Srdjan is still very present. When he was with him he had no allergies. Wouldn't it be stressful having to deal with great parental closeness? Srdjan was often very nervous. He must have Kosovo and Montenegrin blood in the genes and we said he had a very special temperament. It is so among the Djokovic. When we eat with them, we have to wait for Grandpa to sit down. In the house he bought in the new area of ​​Belgrade, Novak had to reserve a part for his parents. I should decide on my own, but that's not the case … “

Srdjan Djokovic's interventions in the media have not helped too much to his son increasing his charisma on the circuit. Swiss Roger Federer has been one of his favorite 'whites', whom he has come to describe as “a great champion but a small man” and who has gone as far as to say that it is better for him to “dedicate himself to other things”. Srdjan Djokovic also criticized the Wimbledon crowd after his son's victory over Federer in the tournament final and had no qualms about charging the crowd at the Australian Open following Nole's win in January. A character that has made Novak have his usual winning gene, but has also played tricks on him.

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