Spain-Netherlands, two teams that want the ball and that push up


The teams of Spain and the Netherlands will face each other this Friday for a place in the semifinals of the Women’s World Cup that is taking place in Australia and New Zealand, a duel between two teams with a similar philosophy with possession as a hallmark and that They push up, but they attack differently.

The two teams have reached the penultimate round of this World Cup, remaining faithful to their commitment and it does not seem that this is going to change on the pitch of the Sky Stadium, where the two elevens that have dominated the ball and with Similar offensive numbers.

Thus, the Spanish have scored 13 goals, being the second best combined only surpassed by Japan (14), by 11 of the Dutch (fourth), better defensively, with only one goal conceded, against the United States and set pieces, by the five received by Jorge Vilda’s team, four of them against Japan.

According to data from ‘Driblab’, this quarterfinal clash will bring together the team that has had the most possession of the ball, Spain, with an overwhelming 75 percent, compared to the fourth in this regard, which has dominated it by 64 percent. with special mention of their duel against the powerful Americans, whom they also controlled in this regard.

However, the use of possession at the offensive level is used in a different way. Both are committed to attacking positionally and with long plays, but Spain opts for several and uses more of the lateral center since it is the team that centers the most (139), while the Netherlands prefers filtered passes. In fact, he has only made 32 centers in the area.

The ‘Red’ is the team that has given the most passes in the rival field (1,888), a fact that indicates that its position in the field is higher and it has also been the one that has finished off the most (hitting towards the goal) until the moment (104), while his rival is fourth in this regard (73).

In addition, these two teams also stand out for their good pressure when the ball is released from their opponents, one of their hallmarks. The Spanish are the third in this section with 44 recovered balls, although it must be precise this Friday because they will face the one who has recovered the most balls (50).