Wave of criticism against Kiko Hernández for complaining that they talk about her boyfriend: “You have lived messing with everyone”

Kiko Hernandez He doesn’t want to talk about his personal life. The former big brother has published a video on his social networks complaining about all the information that the media have spread about his relationship with Fran Antonincluding his own former show, Save me.

“This is a scandal. A scandal that ended up showing my life and my happiness. If I hid it, it was to protect. Also, each one tells what they want when they want and feel like it. And most importantly, our happiness is for above everything and everyone”, has written the fellow on Instagram along with the images.

These statements have opened a debate among his followers in the comments of the publication, because although there are some like Mercedes Dear that he wishes the future marriage “all the happiness in the world”, others question his “double standards”.

In the opinion of Internet users, it is not “fair” for Kiko to complain about talking about her boyfriend when he was “talking about others” in the missing Save me. “You have lived criticizing and messing with everyone. You come from Save me, where you left your scruples and good manners at home, so now take your own medicine and put up with everything they tell you, that’s why you’re a public figure, right? As you have always said”, writes a follower.

Along the same lines, many others reproach him: “Scandal is how you have attacked entire families, insulting them, harassing them, humiliating them, laughing at their physique, their origin, invented facts… that is indeed a Scandal” or “Apply the story. What used to be a scandal is now a business”.

It should be remembered that Hernández himself announced his wedding with Fran Antón in style. “We got married on September 16. We have two wonderful daughters, but we want to expand the family, especially because it is her wish. I have asked her to give my daughters her last name and she is going to do it,” she said. In addition, he spoke at length about how the marriage proposal was: “We already knew that one of the two was going to do it, because we were joking about it. One night he took me to the beach, we went with my daughters, he placed me at the end one wooden walkway and he went to the other one. He told me to walk towards him, he put on our song and asked me to. The girls were shouting ‘Bravo!’ And she was not the only one: “I also wanted to ask him. I tried it at home but it was a disaster, and on the Brooklyn Bridge I saw the opportunity and I did it.”

Prohibit using your photos

In addition to not wanting to talk about their relationship, Kiko has announced legal measures against everyone who uses his Instagram photos, a social network that is public. “From now on, judicial measures will be taken for appropriation of the public image, against two media that reproduce images, photographs or videos from my Instagram account for having copyright,” she wrote in a stories.