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Simeone: “It was a great game”

Gabby Barker



Simeone attended the media after Valencia-Atlético (2-2) and valued the point obtained.

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Feeling after getting ahead twice: “It was a great match between two teams, each looked for the victory in their own way. They settled better after half an hour. In the second half it was similar. They had more centers, but we did cons and a great job of Vitolo and Correa , that's how the strikers have to play. “

Saul, better than Lodi ?: “In his interpretations. Lodi was admonished and we were afraid that he would suffer an expulsion. We tried with Arias, but he didn't have the left to attack and we lost the attack. It could happen that Saul suffered, but in the search for possibilities there is the risk, I don't stay still. “

Valencia. “At home it is a great team, today it went back twice, I leave with great feelings for the effort, the work and the pressure. I leave with the anger to not be able to win, but it was a great game.”

Explanation to two goals to the ball stopped. “Now we don't have the same characteristics. Just as we attack differently, we defend differently.”

He also spoke to Movistar +:

Assessment: “I am left with the performance of the team. It was an important, beautiful game, with many chances for both of us. Our cons were hurting, they were in the second half more in our field and we had to take good refuge. This is our way to compete, is the way … “

Marcos Llorente: “To the people who work, work pays. It doesn't matter where you play, but the way you get involved. He was out a lot, he waited for his chance, but now he plays and has the attitude.”

Two other goals conceded to the ball stopped: “Two quick plays, the second one, worked well and we have to improve.”

The future: 6 games in a month: “We do not think of six games, we think of Tuesday. We have made a competitive match against a strong opponent who has not lost here. It was not an easy start, but we competed well.”

The fight for third place. “We are two points away from Getafe.”

Gabby is someone who is interested in all types of sports, she loves to attend watching matches live. Whenever there is a match being played in her city, she makes sure to get the tickets in advance. Due to the love for sports, she joined Sportsfinding, and started writing general sports news. Apart from writing the news, she is also the editor for the website who checks and edits every news content before they go live.

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