The grenade plans to incorporate at least one goalie and a defending
central to prop up the template. These are two positions that must be filled as a priority, although it is possible that these incorporations take time to take place due to the difficulties that the market presents.

To replace the Portuguese Rui Silva the priority is Alvaro
Fernandez, international goalkeeper of Huesca. The Nasrid club does not want to disburse money for his transfer and asks for a transfer, but the Huesca entity is not willing to let him go if his clause is not paid.

As for the central, the name of Sergi
Gomez, Catalan defender who belongs to Sevilla, although he has other proposals and his signing will not be easy. Meanwhile, coach Robert Moreno observes the youth squad during the preseason Raul
Torrent Y Pepe
Sanchez, in case anyone had the possibility of having a record in the first team.


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