Serbia got muscle on the seventh floor of the Tokyo MPC. Led by the great Boza Maljkovic, former coach with a long career in the first level of European basketball, president of its Olympic Committee, he appeared alongside the great figures of his delegation: Filip Filipovic (water polo), Sonja Vasic (basketball), Maja Ognjenovic (volleyball) …, and Novak Djkovic.

The world number one, winner of the three Grand Slams in 2021, made it clear that he arrives in perfect condition despite the terrible weeks he had at Roland Garros and Wimbledon. “It is a great privilege for me to represent my country. Normally, and although I always carry my country's name when I compete, doing it as part of a team is a treasure for me. A unique experience. In 2008 I won a medal in Beijing and I hope that now I can repeat for the Serbian team, I feel good physically and mentally. I have not had the best preparation, but I hope I have a good tournament, “he began. Djokovic recalled that he already won the ATP 500 in Tokyo on the same track where the Olympic tournament will be played. Of course, he warned that the conditions will be different. “There will be 15 degrees more.”

The absence of the other two members of the Big Three makes Nole feel strange: “I don't have much experience playing in tournaments in the last 15 years without Roger and Rafa; and it is a bit strange, but there are Medvedev, Tsitsipas, Rublev … , sThey are the biggest competitors to win a medal, although I am clear that here I have to go game by game. I have learned from other times when I have had other distractions. “The Serbian will debut against Bolivian Hugo Dellien. Djokovic acknowledged that, in other Olympic Games, he has felt nervous.” He was also younger and representing your country is always special “.

As before the Wimbledon final, the Serbian avoided further comparisons with Nadal and Federer: “I have my own path and I have made my own journey.” And he was prudent when they reminded him again that he could equal the Golden Slam of Steffi Graf: “I am not in contact with her, but her achievement and the mark she left is forever. In my case, something so difficult seems possible now, but I repeat I prefer to go step by step, without distractions. “


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