Sheriff: “Salzburg is a super brave team that likes to play”


The coach of Real Sociedad, Imanol Alguacil, faces with optimism the second match in the Champions League that will take place this Tuesday against the Austrian RB Salzburg, “a super brave team that likes to play”, so he expects “a tough game, but fun.”

“The sensations before starting are the same as always. We are excited and eager, as it could not be otherwise, we have also won the derby and we are going to play this second day of the Champions League and after playing a great game against Inter “, not being able to win, but playing a good game,” Alguacil told the club’s official media.

The coach of the San Sebastian team warned that RB Salzburg is a “very aggressive team” and one that “likes to push high and play.” “They have very young, versatile, dynamic players, and the truth is that it is going to be a tough and complicated game, but at the same time beautiful,” he explained.

Therefore, expect a match with alternatives. “Yes, because they are a super brave team and they have nothing to lose. I think they also use the Champions League showcase to be seen, it is a team that likes to play, that is not afraid and that will go out to push ‘to the death’ ‘up. Then they have very interesting players, with the ball and without the ball, people who run well into space. It’s going to be an entertaining game,” he noted.

Asked if a draw is worth it to his team, Alguacil recalled the equality that exists in the group and that it will depend on how the match goes. “We already saw what Inter suffered at the Reale Arena and the surprise that Salzburg gave against Benfica even though they were left with one less. I think that every point is important, but first we have to play, obviously see how the game goes. game and who knows if the point should be accepted or not, but that will be seen on the field starting at 6:45 p.m.,” he warned.