Irene Urdangarin settles in Zarzuela although her cousins ​​are not in the Palace

New inhabitant in Zarzuela. While Philip VI y Mrs. Letizia They are still getting used to their daily lives without Princess Eleanor and the Infanta Sofiait has emerged that Irene Urdangarinthe daughter of Cristina e Iñakiwill move to the official facilities of the Royal Family, where the Queen Sofia and his sister, Irene of Greece.

Infanta Cristina’s daughter (who turned 18 last June) got a place at a very renowned international university to study hospitality, although she finally declined because she wanted to take some time and volunteer first.

The young woman would like to travel to Cambodia after Christmas, a destination suggested by her brother Juan, who was there five years ago with the foundation of Jesuit Kike Figaredo. He also wants the young woman to go to Mozambique and other exotic places. She will have time to study. Irene suffered in her studies since her father took the lover we all know, Ainhoa ​​Armentia. He lowered his academic performance.

While the volunteering arrives or not, Iñaki Urdangarin’s daughter will reside with her maternal grandmother, a few meters from the Prince’s Pavilion, where King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia live. Her parents, as they have pointed out on Telecinco, have encouraged her to get her driving license during this ‘sabbatical’ year. Informalia He already announced Irene’s intentions to have the license… and also a car.

“Grandpa buys it for you,” Vic told him.

As we said, during his very expensive graduation at the Four Seasons in Geneva in June, the king Juan Carlos She commented that her granddaughter would have a car as soon as she got her license and was disappointed when she learned that in the country where she lives, Switzerland, you can drive from the age of 17. According to our source, Irene received advice from her cousin. Victoria Federica: “Grandpa buys it for you.” Irene also took advantage of her trip to Abu Dhabi at the end of August to pamper her grandfather and talk about this car that she is so excited about.

Like his brothers Juan y Miguel, Irene will get her license in Móstoles. “Like most people from Madrid,” Ana Rosa Quintana noted with a laugh from her program. On Telecinco they have pointed out that when their brothers got their license, even the teachers went to Zarzuela to practice in the palace gardens. Like any Madrid native, yes…

Irene’s stay in Zarzuela will not be permanent. She will reside there during her time in Madrid, as she will usually continue living in Geneva with her mother. Infanta Elena’s niece would still not be very clear about the path on which to focus her professional life. This summer she has dedicated herself to traveling through Spain, Greece, France and Abu Dhabi, where, as we said, she visited her maternal grandfather. She has also gone out partying with her cousin Vic, who knows a lot about that.