Inma Cuesta breaks her secrecy and surprises with a “self-portrait of her mother’s life”

Inma Cuesta (43) is one of the most reserved actresses on the national scene. The actress, who became the mother of her second child in May, shared on Instagram an image of her day-to-day life as her mother. Shortly before the pandemic she had her with her girlfriend, Angelsto his eldest daughter.

“Self-portrait from: ‘The mother life'”, has written the protagonist of The Sleeping Voice this Monday on Instagram. She has posted a selfie next to her baby’s bed (image below). On the comments wall, famous friends have left him endearing comments.

From the red hearts of Sara Carbonero, Miren Ibargu’s, Bibiana Fernandez o Manuel Carrascoeven the messages of Elena Furiase (“And so beautiful, life and you”), Esther Acebo (beautiful force) or Hiba Abouk (“The best life”). It is not common for Cuesta to share photographs related to his family life on social media, although during his pregnancy he did surprise his followers with images showing off his belly.

The Jaén interpreter, as we said, is very secretive with her personal life. On few occasions he has referred to his wife in public. The first time was in May 2021, when he dedicated the City of Alicante Award to Ángeles at the Valencian City Film Festival: “To my love for being the best adventure companion and my desire for more,” he wrote in his networks.

In an interview with Elle In April of this year, the protagonist of Red Eagle said about his sexual orientation: “I haven’t had a conflict with that for a long time. It’s all part of an evolution. And there comes a time when you feel ready to speak more naturally. As the years go by, it just doesn’t matter. “You feel like suffering to show off, you don’t feel like keeping quiet to please. It is important that there are references. And for me it is more important now that I have a daughter. That she feels proud.”

A few years ago, the three-time Goya nominee was linked to the Malaga singer Vanesa Martin (42), who has recently denied pregnancy rumors.