Terelu Campos explodes in the face of criticism for billing at the expense of her mother: “Nobody is more sorry than us”

Last Wednesday, Terelu Campos starred on the cover of her friend magazine. The sister of carmen borrego posed in a swimsuit while talking about her “saddest” summer due to her mother’s illness, Maria Teresa Campos.

“This disease not only takes away the patient, but also those who are next to him. I would prefer our suffering that my mother did not know us if it means that she will be happier,” said the mother of Alejandra Rubio.

His statements have been highly criticized, including by some of his former co-workers such as Kiko Matamoros, because Terelu has been the first to ask the media not to talk about the delicate situation that the veteran journalist is going through. “The surprising thing is that she doesn’t want to talk and then talk as big as possible,” said the ex-husband of makoke.

This Wednesday, Terelu has responded via the blog of Lectures and she has stated that she is “fed up” with feeling that her mother cannot speak, as her daughter that she is. “It strikes me that there are some people and colleagues in the environment who are surprised that I talk about my mother. I find it curious, to say the least! It turns out that there are many people who during all this last time have allowed themselves the luxury of speaking without knowledge of my mother and, nevertheless, the only ones that we can do it with knowledge, worth the redundancy, because we know the reality we are judged by it, “he wrote.

“All of you who talk about her, have you seen my mother or do you really know how she is? I don’t think anyone knows better than us so that they can advise us on something. That’s enough of insults, that’s okay of slander and it’s enough to defame us. Nobody here has forbidden anything to anyone. (…) Now many people want to teach my sister and me lessons? Lessons on what? That’s good, because nobody feels any more pain than we have”, concludes María Teresa’s eldest daughter.