The singer, who moved to Miami last April, he has already turned the page on his traumatic break with Gerard Piqué and has a happy heart. After his media appointments with Tom Cruise and Lewis Hamilton, which gave way to all kinds of rumours, it seems that Shakira is cultivating a very special friendship with an NBA player.

Is called Jimmy Butleris considered one of the best players in the world and left the ranks of the Chicago Bulls to become the star of the Miami Heat. The Colombian has just begun to follow him through his social networks (he is the only player he follows) and a few days ago he went to see him at a game against the Boston Celtics, attesting to this through a story in which he showed happy. This Tuesday, in addition, Shakira has written the word HEAT using the initials of “Heroic, Extraordinary, Awesome Team (heroic, extraordinary, incredible team)”, giving strength to the rumors that relate her to her star.

And if Piqué’s ex already has experience dating elite athletes, Butler also has it with music stars, because he had a ‘quelque chose’ with Selena Gomez. At the end of 2020, they were seen having dinner together in New York: “They went out a few times while Selena was in New York City. Jimmy asked her out to dinner and they had a great time.” Butler is 32 years old and has a daughter, Rylee, the result of his relationship with the model Kaitlin Nowak. He is also a very close friend of Pau Gasol.