Like the rest of Spaniards, famous men and women have their particular opinion about the electoral results of 28M. The left, with the PSOE of Pedro Sanchez At the head, it was the great loser of the municipal and regional elections. Chayo Mohedanowho is not a supporter of the socialists, celebrated it on Twitter.

“Spain has spoken and absolutely! Good morning world,” the singer wrote this Monday, in full electoral hangover.

Next, the daughter of Rosa Benito and Amador Mohedano shared a meme in which they talked about the early elections that Sánchez has called for July 23 and the end of Save mewhich will stop airing from June 23.

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With the emoticons she chose, Rocío Carrasco’s cousin said it all. She hates Save mealthough in court he preferred a million-dollar settlement rather than go to the end of his particular battle in ‘Operation Deluxe’.

It must be remembered that from the afternoon programme, Jorge Javier Vazquez He has expressed his support for Pedro Sánchez and the Spanish left. For television history, the thing about “this program is for reds and fags” has happened. Starting in September, the afternoon slot will be occupied by a program presented by Ana Rosa Quintana, who probably runs out of vacation in July to focus on the electoral campaign from his political table in the morning. His opinion is far from Jorge Javier’s. Politically they do not agree on anything, as they themselves admit.