The victory of Seville in Pamplona he placed it in a third position which supposes, according to the numbers, that the Nervión club get into the title fight despite the seven points that separate him from the leader, Atlético de Madrid. Those of Lopetegui are the best team in the League in the second round, in which they have full of triumphs in their encounters before Cádiz, Eibar, Getafe, Huesca Y Osasuna. As if that were not enough, these five victories were achieved by leaving a clean sheet, which means that Bono accumulates 547 minutes unbeaten in the League, a record in the history of a team that had never conceded fewer goals (16) at this stage of the championship.

All these data should suppose that Sevilla is I would have triggered the illusion because of the range of possibilities that open up, but It is not like this. At least out of doors, the club maintains a conservative speech which leads you to look more towards him Fifth place, to ensure the presence of the team one more year in the Champions League, than to the leadership. The reasons that explain this way of acting have to do with the intention of don't add pressure to the wardrobe marking as objective a machado that would suppose to subdue adversaries that multiply the budget of the Sevillians.

Seville Shield / Flag

The truth is that not even the most optimistic thought that the project that Monchi put in the hands of Lopetegui out to shoot up so quickly. Fourth place and the Europa League title last season were two milestones that are now dwarfed by the new aspirations of the team. Lopetegui, prudent to the core, he seldom departs from the watch the immediate game And, when it does, it is to set the objective of arriving with intact aspirations to the decisive days of the championship.

They know in Seville that the first to place them as candidates will be just as quick to point out the weakness of the club in case it falters. At the moment that does not happen, since the numbers are incontestable.

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