Sergio Pellicer: “Who was going to tell us …”

Sergio Pellicer rubs his eyes. Málaga, after a more than stormy summer, has clung to the competition with pride, rigor and a lot of heart. And with moments of good football. All this has earned him 13 points that taste great in the first seven days. “Who was going to tell us …”, proclaimed the coach at a press conference after the victory against Sporting. Maintaining humility and caution is the first dogma of his script. But he doesn't want his team to lift their foot: “We must take advantage of this dynamic. We can't take steps back, that's non-negotiable”.

Positive evolution of the team: “In the first half we knew how to handle when to push up. They could not run into space and we scored the goal in a transition. You can see the solidarity of the team, a team with attitude, that runs and the predisposition to play. In the second half, the first 20 minutes have put us off balance, but the refreshments have given us the calm we needed. I am happy because they are loosening up, they are feeling comfortable. To compete, the decision of the individual is made best way to later transfer it to the collective. The most important thing is that they grow, believing, but it is very difficult. Who was going to tell us … We have won two consecutive games. It is tremendously complicated, but they are two teams that know the potential that They have. A ten for all. Everyone is improving. “

13 points from seven games: “Who was going to tell us with the situation that we brought that now we would be in this. We have a calm situation at the institutional level and that helps us. It is a new group, they are getting to know each other. And it is to mark the way. Whoever has to Playing against Malaga has to run much more than us. We know where we come from and where we want to go, those 13 points have to give us confidence and especially the form of the starters and those who come out of refreshment. It was a match It is very complicated and we must remember the above to move towards the present. We must take advantage of the dynamics. Now it is positive and we are going to try to extend it. But we know the work that costs and we must highly value what the players are doing, especially the competitiveness in the group “.

Where does this Malaga want to go ?: “We want to get to the Mirandés game and continue with the positive dynamics with this state of mind. Football is a crusher. We have Mirandés, Mallorca and Espanyol. There are nine points. We can fight for every point. And when we add, the group has to take steps forward and be aware that there is a lot of work behind and a lot of invisible training. Once the 50 points are achieved, there is a lot left, be ambitious in each game. The discourse has to be based on humility. I was going to say it. You have to think and appreciate that this costs a lot. You can't raise your head much because another game quickly arrives and they put you in your place. We can't take steps backwards, that is non-negotiable. “

Rotations: “It has given us time to recover from Zaragoza and we wanted to give continuity to the attacking people because it was flowing. But in the next games other players will appear, both those who have come off the bench and those who have not been able to participate. Undoubtedly, it is necessary, especially because of the great wear and tear we wear in all the games. There will be changes because the group deserves it on a day-to-day basis. “

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