The date of the World Cup qualification draw is already known

On December 7, the Qatar 2022 World Cup begins definitively. It does so from its preliminary phase, in which the 13 teams that obtain a place to fight for the World Cup must be decided. In Zurich, before the start of the matches, The qualifying groups will be raffled, starting at 18:00 and virtually, without representatives of the member associations.

The draw will leave five groups of six teams each and another five with five national teams. The qualifying phase will be played between March and November 2021, with each team playing twice against their rivals. So that, the groups of six will have a total of ten days and those of five, eight appointments.

The leaders of each of the groups will directly obtain a place for the 2022 world tournament. The ten seconds, meanwhile, will have to play the repechage, as well as the best classified of the League of Nations who have not obtained their ticket directly or have the right to participate in the second chance granted to the co-leaders.

So will the drums

55 European teams have the right to participate in the qualifying phase for the World Cup, but not all start with the same possibilities in the hype. As announced by FIFA, next November 26 the update of the world ranking of teams, which will decide which is the hierarchy to decide the ten groups.

The ten best positioned in that classification will be in Pot 1 and, of course, they will not be able to face each other. The next ten, in pot 2. And so on. There will be no restrictions, beyond political conflicts that FIFA marks. Otherwise, it will be a pure draw based on the points awarded based on the results of the last dates.

For the moment, and although the qualifying phase has not started in Europe, they have already been played 146 of the 900 preliminary round matches. As usual, Qatar, the host, is already guaranteed her place in the tournament and will play the opening match on Monday, November 21, 2022 at the Al Bait Stadium. For this, there are more than two years, but the road to the World Cup is already beginning to be built in the old continent.