Marco Asensio: “I was able to play for Barcelona”

Marco Asensio recalled that he was able to sign for Barcelona, ​​who showed interest in him when he began to emerge at Mallorca, but assured that “the spectacular treatment” he received, along with his family, from Real Madrid and the intervention of tennis player Rafael Nadal were decisive in his arrival at the white club.

“I was able to play for Barcelona and other big clubs. There are always interested teams that ask about your situation, but when I signed for Real Madrid it was all very fast. They showed incredible interest and the treatment was spectacular for me and my family. It made me decide. When you are presented with that opportunity it is impossible to say no, “he said in an interview on 'Post United'.

Asensio revealed how Rafa
Nadal spoke with his uncle Miguel Ángel to play in the Real
Madrid: “Rafa likes football a lot and especially Madrid. His uncle was in the sports management of Mallorca, he was discussing my signing with a club and you can see that he called and said that there was a very good boy who had to play for him Madrid”.

Focusing on the present, Asensio acknowledged that he cares more, after the serious injury that had him eleven months away from the playing fields, details of training and daily preparation. And take on the challenge of taking the level jump in a year with more responsibilities.

“I've always had the confidence of Zidane. Now we have to show it on the field and it is my intention because I am very excited, “he said.

“I'm under pressure well, I'm really looking forward to this year after the past complicated with the injury. When you're injured you realize that you don't value when you're well. I've worked hard to make this year good for me,” he said.

On criticism of Real
Madrid after two consecutive defeats, Asensio defended the level of the white team's players.

“There has been a lot of talk about the issue of signings, but I think we have a great squad, one of the best in the world, with a lot of wardrobe funds. We can all play and with this tight schedule, we play every three days, it is important that we are all plugged in, “he said.

For him Real Madrid, after a season injured, Asensio it is practically a signing. The midfielder acknowledged that he now values ​​”much more to be able to enjoy football” and “health in general”, and that from the hard moments he has emerged strengthened “mentally” and with “more positive than negative things.”

“At the end of last season I was still picking up pace and strength, it's complicated with so much game and confinement a bit convulsive. Now I feel very well after working these months, to find myself strong and fast again, with that spark that is needed to play at a high level, “he confessed.

Asensio debuts number this season, going from 20 to 11 that he left Gareth Bale. “With 20 I think I have completed a stage and I was excited to have a new number. 11 appeared, it is a beautiful number that can help me continue to grow at Real Madrid,” he said.

Asensio also revealed that, together with Zinedine Zidane, one of his idols was Raul Gonzalez: “He is an example that I like to follow in Madrid for being Spanish, for being captain, for everything he transmitted to the fans beyond the goals he did not stop scoring. He is a very good example for me for all that transmitted to the fans “.