Sergio Pellicer: “We cannot strengthen ourselves, but that should not be an excuse”

La Ponferradina, just around the corner. “We started from a kilometer zero. We start from zero only with the difference of the points. We faced it with the idea of ​​adding three at a time against a streaky rival who has maintained a constant regularity in terms of classification. We start another dance, there are 21 games that we are going to differentiate with four blocks. This first block of five games is tremendously important to define objectives ”.

La Rosaleda is bad. “The next matches will be key, especially on the issue of feelings. We are very aware of improving at home to add three by three, improving in various aspects. Handling multiple registrations, we have to be much more balanced during the 90 minutes. We are having a hard time keeping a balance. If this first round we had improved at home we would be in a different situation. We are going with a lot of energy and a huge illusion. We have to be much more balanced during the 90 minutes ”.

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And how can it be improved at home? “There are various aspects that go into a shaker. We are a team that appears a lot in the rival area, but is diluted in the last pass, in that break. You have to change speeds, we are a very electric team and the moment comes when you have to pause. On a defensive level, improve situations that are penalizing us. In the first lap there were a lot of positive things and I think we will continue to improve ”.

Analysis of the rival. “It is in the upper-middle part. The differences in this classification make that three points make you go up many positions. He does not need to dominate games, he handles well with a very solid block. He is being a rival that, like everyone else, is not easy. He's having a great season with a coach who has been around for a long time, I already faced him in Segunda B (as Fabril's coach. The result was 3-0 for Ponfe with two goals from Yuri). It has very clear automatisms. They have some casualties due to the COVID issue, but it is a team that is going to be strengthened. They have done a mini preseason. We see it on the positive side of continuing to compete. We are going to find a very close match, very similar to last year. He manages various structures, has players to play inside and out. Fixed inside to search with the sides. It will be a game of moments. It is going to handle especially in physical and mental exhaustion. It is necessary to try to cause errors in rival field. It is going to be a tremendously complicated match. “

Matos does not arrive and Benkhemassa is doubtful. “When you come from a muscle injury you are assimilating loads, doing partial training and possibly if nothing happens next week Matos will be able to be against Alcorcón, at least for the call. Benkhe has noticed an annoyance, we think it is nothing serious but tomorrow morning in the activation we will assess it. If there is any risk, it will not enter the call either. We have 15 or 16 professionals, we are used to that aspect. We live on the wire. We hope that Benkhe is little. We are going to deal with that uncertainty ”.

Room for improvement. “All teams have it, even Espanyol, which is leading, has room for improvement. We have to clear our minds, if we look at the classification of previous years of the first lap it can lead to mistakes for both good and bad. Our idea is kilometer zero, we have 21 left. Tomorrow is the first to add three points that would give peace of mind. It is very important to reach the last stage having a clear objective, and that they are divided to look up. That will be seen in these first two blocks. I see the group train and I am optimistic and very realistic. We have a lot of experience in that delusions of grandeur have not served in this club.

Restart of the works of The Academy. “You need a temple, a house where all the boys can be together. You will increase that sense of belonging, the quality of training. It will increase that players who come with certain deficits can work at a specific level. Have meetings every morning in a temple, see each other together. Being in the same place together in the afternoons. Players are coming out here with insufficient facilities, and thank God we have the fields that the club has under the agreement. But it will make absolutely every record better. We want a sense of belonging, to be all together. The most important thing is that he will stay there for Malaga and his city. It would be an essential step to continue growing as a club. The homegrown players here have a highway. If they have facilities, performance is still going to grow ”.

Malaga's disadvantage because it cannot make signings unlike other clubs. “Problems exist when you think, we don't have to think. Tomorrow two or three juniors have to come. We can't reinforce ourselves, but it doesn't have to be an excuse. You have to reinvent yourself, when you do, opportunities appear for many kids. In a week the market is over and each of us will have our photo. We add young players to increase the quality of training ”.