On March 15, Joana Sanz announced his break with Dani Alves, who remains incarcerated at Brians 2 on no bail. The model has spent a few days in the Canary Islands, her homeland, and she has already returned to Barcelona, ​​where she has her home and her work.

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This Tuesday, upon his arrival at the Josep Tarradellas Barcelona-El Prat Airport, he confessed: “You have to move on. Life goes on, nobody dies.” His family and friends help him escape in these delicate moments. He also finds great refuge at work. “You always have to work. Women bill,” he assured.

On the other hand, he explained that he had not seen the reflection that Alves’ brother shared on his social networks after the announcement of the breakup: “I don’t look at those things, really, I already have enough with my life.” In front of the microphones she has shown a smile (in bad weather a good face) and also an ironic tone, which reflects a certain discomfort with the media.

Joana finally made the decision to part ways with the former Barça player. Since last January 20, the winger has been in prison without bail, accused of allegedly raping a young woman in a Barcelona nightclub during the early hours of December 30-31. The model visited him several times in jail, but finally took another course.

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On Instagram, Joana wrote: “I chose as a life partner a person who in my eyes was perfect. He was always there when I needed him the most, he always supported me in everything, he always encouraged me to grow, always loving, attentive… It’s hard for me so much to accept that that person could break me into a thousand pieces”.

Despite everything that happened, he added: “I continue and will continue to be, but in another way. I love him and I will always love him. Whoever says that love is forgotten is deceiving himself or did not really love. But I love and respect myself and I value myself much more. Forgiving relieves me, so I keep the magic and close a stage of my life that began on 05/18/2015”.