Santander League: Roger Mart: “Tattoos do not mean being bad” | LaLiga Santander 2019



The Levante striker, came back, stronger, with two serious injuries and with 10 goals fighting for the trophy of top national scorer. His nickname of 'Gunman' comes because he sees cowboy movies.

Roger Mart, in the Sports City of Levante in Buol.

When, in January 2012, debut in Primera with the Levante shirt, the skin of Roger Mart (Torrent, 1991) An was not full of memories in ink. Nor did he imagine that after two serious knee injuries he was going to be fighting to be the top national scorer and that even Bara will have him on his agenda. Work question and constancy, says l. Today, his only obsession is to score against Real Madrid.

Was the interest of Bara serious?
Yes, because they kept in touch with my agent. But I am focused on the Levant, which is my contract and my clause and at no time have I forced anything. It's nice that Bara was interested, who wouldn't like it, but it's already an anecdote.
Ten goals and fighting Zarra. Is it more valuable to do it from a team like Levante?
Quiz, because teams like ours do not have as many scoring chances in games as the big ones, so you have to be focused and know that the one you have has to go inside. But I think it is more difficult to score goals in Levante than in Real Madrid.
In 20 years there have only been three top Spanish scorers. Is Pichichi impossible?
While Messi or Surez … is very complicated. We will fight for Zarra until the end, giving war.
There are few national strikers in the teams at the top of the table …
It is difficult to notice us, because we still think that the outside is better, like. But we have no choice but to speak in the field. I try to prove that I am a very valid player for First Division
Do you really think that pure 9 is in extinction?
Modern football has changed a lot, and the figure of the striker center striker is difficult to find. I find myself comfortable playing in that position, I have those characteristics, but I have had to evolve to understand the game better. However, you can make a move that benefits a partner, and you have to be better technically to be effective in the pass because teams tend to have more possession.
They face the best Real Madrid of the last years?
I don't know if it's the best, but they have made a change and are in a great moment.
It will not be the first time they suffer in the Ciutat …
We have shown that we can win anyone. We already did it against Bara and why not get it against Madrid
Two seasons exceeding the score of goals. Is it at its best?
Counting the season of promotion with Levante, maybe s. And this season I can still increase the number of goals and that the team will benefit, that serve to add.
He has in sight the scorer record of Levante, in possession of Kon with 17 goals.
It is another fact that does not make me dizzy, but when I made my debut, he was in the first team and I liked him a lot, I noticed his movements a lot.
He says that there are players who have to double to be recognized half …
Yes, there are those who are more attuned to the press, with the stands, because of their way of playing … but as for numbers, I cannot be asked for much more. I show that I am very valid for Levante and the only thing I want is to score goals.
What has football taught you?
Not to lower the arms. I have had torn ligaments in both knees and never throw in the towel. Pele and if I had to define myself in a word it will be constancy and work. Only this way you stay in First.
I thought it's over?
If I tell you the truth, no. Everything falls on you. But you cry one day and the next you put the batteries to start recovering. You never like to live it, but they made me a better footballer and a better person.
Diego Costa was his example …
S. He doesn't know what an injury meant the first time he broke me, so I started looking for players that had happened to him and how they had come back, because you always have the doubt of how you will be, if you lose speed, if you will different … And I looked a lot at Diego Costa because there is nothing more to see how he leaves everything in the field and has even finished in the selection. I have always liked the characteristics it has, which are similar to the most.
You are also a player of a lot of character …
They tell me a lot, because I'm heavy, they fight with the defenses … but it is different outside the field.
Do soccer players have to build a character?
I don't know We are exposed to being judged by everyone and, even if you want to like everyone, it is impossible. For example, wearing tattoos does not mean you are a bad person or a bad person. It's just that I like them a lot. I don't want to give a picture of anything.
His gesture of gunman when making goals is already a personal brand …
It is a dedication to my family. I have a small picture of a boy dressed as a cowboy and I thought it was a nice gesture towards them.
Your last tattoo?
Uff, wait for him to think (laughs). I think the ones in the neck. I have the dorsal with which I debuted, the dates and the field coordinates where I scored the first goal, an image of Billy El Nio, my dogs, two angels that symbolize my brothers … I have many because I love them.
Still watching western movies?
Not now. When I was little, I swallowed them all with my grandparents, and that's where the gunman comes when I score goals.

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