Premier: Klopp's emotional letter to a boy who asked him to stop winning | Premier League 2019



The Liverpool coach personally replied in writing to a young Irishman from Manchester United.

Klopp, last Tuesday, in the technical area of ​​the Metropolitan.

Jrgen Klopp confirmed on Friday the fall of Jordan Henderson for the next three weeks, so the captain of Liverpool will miss the round of eighth Champions against the Atlantic. However, beyond this review, the appearance of the German technician was dotted with a beautiful detail that left journalists stunned.

The former Dortmund coach has received a letter from a young Manchester United fan trying to convince him to stop the exceptional run of the Premier leader, with 76 points out of 78 possible after the first 26 days.

“Liverpool is winning too much. If you win another nine games, you will get the best streak of English football. Being a United fan is now very sad. So the next time I play Liverpool, please make me lose. You should let the rival dial. I hope I have convinced you not to win the Premier or any other game ever again, “said the letter from Daragh Curley, a 10-year-old Irish boy from Donegal County.

“They are lucky to have you”

After receiving the letter a few weeks ago, Klopp decided to respond personally in writing. This is the full reproduction of the replica of the current Champions champion.

“Dear Daragh.

First of all, I would like to thank you for your letter. I know you didn't send me good luck, or anything like that, but it's always good to hear from a young soccer fan. Unfortunately, I can't fulfill what you ask. As much as you want Liverpool to lose, my job is to do everything possible to help you win, as there are millions of people in the world who want that to happen. And I don't want to let them down.

Fortunately for you, in the past we already lost matches and we will lose more in the future, because that's football. The problem is that when you are 10 years old you think that things will always be like now. But if there is anything I can tell you at age 52, it is by no means so. After reading your letter, I can affirm that if there is something not to change, it is your passion for football and for your club. United is lucky to have you.

I hope that if we are lucky enough to win more games and even raise some trophies, you are not very disappointed, because although our clubs are great rivals, we also share a great mutual respect. For me it is what football is all about. Cudate and good luck.

Jrgen Klopp. “

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