Liga Santander: Mendilibar's wild anthology: From “Inui is Japanese, but very salao” to “Messi, the cabrn de l …” | LaLiga Santander 2019



In times of political correctness, Mendilibar, the Eibar technician, retains the naturalness lost in football and acquainted phrases

Jos Luis Mendilibar, Eibar coach.

A footballer who spent a lot of time at the orders of Jos Luis Mendilibar usually says of him that he is a fantastic coach, of the best, but that he will never be able to train a great: The stars will not allow him the anger he throws and the journalists will kill him if he gave in Bara or Madrid the answers he gives in Eibar. In times of maximum political correctness, the Eibar coach is the only one – along with Javier Aguirre – who retains a countercultural naturalness. Without hair on the tongue, the technician who visits Camp Nou today has coined clebre phrases to write a book.

Messi rests in the match, the cabrn of l. He knows when to rest and when to participate. If you give him free the day will be worse from the stands and he will get tired more.

On the eve of this afternoon's meeting, he was asked about the possibility of Setin rotating the Argentine. That was the answer about a soccer player whom he has always praised: With the guy this is impossible. You get a goal out of nowhere.

Orellana is a red green mouse. You don't know how to catch him. If you have bad day is a bastard. You have to understand him because if he can't send you to take for sack and you lose him. And then it is worse.

When the Eibar fich Orellana, it was clear that, given the strong character of both, there were only two options: either room very good or very bad. Fortunately for the gunsmiths, the explosive mixture has been a success. In fact, the Chilean is now the best footballer in Eibar.

Inui is too obedient, sometimes I have to tell him not to pay attention to me. I tell him to center and center, I tell him to come and go. It does not improvise. Once he shouted: 'You have to be more brazen!' I laughed: 'What did I tell you?' And he goes and answers: 'On the right'. Look … Good luck I was around Enrich: 'No,' Taka ', the master says be brave, do whatever comes out of your tail with the ball'.

No one has starred in more phrases to remember Mendilibar than Inui. He has been like my father, the Japanese said. He is a player who does not understand or pope when he arrives, who now does not speak the language, but football s. It is one of the players that has best understood my football, I extol the technician.

'Taka' is Japanese, but it is very 'salao'. He scores a goal and then asks me to forgive … Well, don't give it to us! Here he has already scored two goals and is scoring more than with us, so something will have learned in Betis, Oh, in Betis no, he did not play! Well, I will have learned it in Eibar.

Inui again, but this time as a rival in a match against Alavs. The Japanese had exchanged Ipurua for Villamarn with the freedom letter despite having renewed it. He did not do well in Seville and Mendilibar, with love and jokingly, did not miss the chance to remind him. A few months later, they met again.

Ramis does not move fast either forward or backward, nor will he do any sprint, but he is always well placed. You can go in a wheelchair and it will continue to be the best center we have.

Said after winning Real Madrid 3-0. The Balearic is his man of confidence in the defense and his continuous injuries one of the main reasons for the weak season that Eibar is doing.

I get the feeling that the referee is the one in Madrid. It is very difficult to fail with the VAR because they take a long time to whistle, they let go and when they chivan they make the decision. In the end this is going to look like American football and come the day in which we can change the eleven players on each play.

This is what he said after the first game with VAR that he had to direct. His opinion has not improved since then: I do not trust VAR at all or who throws the lines. The machines are managed by people and there will be who knows how to handle them well and who does not, or people who do not want to do well. I have no idea. I will take them all away.

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