Samu Omorodion: “Three years ago I played for my neighborhood team, I thank Atlético”

“I’m sure we’ll do great things”


The Spanish striker Samu Omorodion was “very, very happy” to sign for Atlético de Madrid, when he played for his neighborhood team three years ago, while he trusted his growth as a footballer under the command of Diego Pablo Simeone.

“It’s been a very intense week. I came here with Granada and made my debut in the First Division and a week later I’m here signing for this great club. Who was going to tell me when I played for my neighborhood team three years ago, that he was going to be signing for one of the best teams in the world”, he said.

Samu, 19, offered his first interview to the club’s media after announcing his signing for Atlético on Monday, from Granada, who was Madrid’s first rival in the League. “I am privileged, in the end, like every player, I always want to grow and aspire to new things and I am very, very happy to sign for Atlético de Madrid,” he said.

“I thank the club for the trust. I’m really looking forward to starting this adventure and achieving many goals together. I consider myself a hard-working player, I always like to help the team, quickly and I also define myself as a footballer who has a goal. Short term I hope to continue growing as a footballer, learn from the best, from the forwards and from the defenders”, he added.

On the other hand, the striker from Melilla hoped to achieve great things under Simeone and with the support of the Metropolitan. “Simeone is one of the best coaches in the world, we all know what he has done for this club. I’m sure he’ll help me a lot and make me grow as a footballer. The people seem to support the team, they never stop cheering. I’m sure they’ll We will do great things,” he concluded.