Silvia Bronchalo, alone and lost on her third visit to Daniel in prison: one more in the waiting room

After spending the weekend locked up in the hotel due to the ban on visits in the Koh Samui prison, the mother of daniel sancho He has returned to jail this Monday to see his son once again. A very different visit from the previous ones, since she has come completely alone, without the embassy personnel who accompanied her these days.

Precisely for this detail the family received criticism from Spain. Some pointed to favorable treatment by the Spanish Embassy for the Sanchos because they were known or in the media, accusations that the spokespersons have already answered: the diplomats offered the necessary help to each Spaniard in Thailand. This Monday, Silvia Bronchalo She has arrived alone in Koh Samui for the first time and she has done so in a vehicle from the hotel where she is staying, not in a local taxi, as she had done until now.

Daniel Sancho’s mother appeared crestfallen and quite disoriented: she entered through one door, exited, tried another, and finally approached a security guard to ask. After showing her her documentation, the policeman told her to wait for her turn to sit next to the rest of the families, something that she had not had to do the previous two times either, which she passed directly.

Rodolfo Sancho’s ex has been inside the facilities for an hour, the shortest visit so far. He has barely spoken with his son for 20 minutes, as always, on the phone and separated by glass. Silvia did not want to speak to the press despite the fact that concern for Daniel’s condition increased after the statements by the prison director last Friday, when she assured that the confessed murderer of Edwin Arrieta was “very sad” and had symptoms “of depression”